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11 reason you should go for hostindia.net for web hosting !!

      From Past 15 years hostindia.net providing web hosting service in India, and every year the number of satisfied customer is increasing. Hostindia statistics say that every year it is getting more no of transformed(Moving from different service provider to hostindia.net) customer then the fresh customers
Now a days a millions of websites are hosted with hostindia.net and still it is increasing. When the company start at 1999 hosindia.net is famous as Hostin Service PVT LTD and focus only India customer as it is a India based company, but right now it has owned a WOW no of customer all over the world, if you want to know the reason then stay with us, take a long breath and go through the article.
However here is some important point we are going to discuss which will give you a clear vision about hostindia.net and its culture.

1) Domain Registration:
Domain registration India
Domain Registration by Hostindia.net 
If you are looking for a Dream Domain Registration for your leading business with a proper domain extension then with a simple way you can search your domain and also registration is more easy from others. If you compared a Price of a Domain Registration India the you will find standard Price with the domain with all extension but with some other service provider you will have special price range for domain, like you search for a domain a bit popular then they will charge it more with a complicated registration process.
If you come to domain renewal service then you will find the charges is more cheaper then other. This is a reason many user are moving to Hostindia.net. Some company providing domain in a big discount for 1st year and then the renew charge is 4-5 times more then the registration price.

Domain Name Server by hostindia
Domain Name System
2) Domain Name Server:
If you are registering a domain with hostindia.net then you will get a DNS(Domain Name Server) which will help your control DNS zone associated with Email name, DNS records, DYN and many more. This company is providing free domain locking, free domain parking, Free URL redirection, free name server support and many more. Our quick response with a proper solution for any need is appreciated.

3) Instant Website Build Tool:

Instant Website Build Tool
After domain registration you should have a website which will give information to your user. You can create a website form a professional website builder or you can create a attractive website of your own also by using instant website building tool. This Sitebuilder provides you an unique capabilities for a normal users who want to create, publish, and maintain their web sites without any knowledge of HTML or other programming languages. This is an awesome tools which will save your effort and able to gives you a professionally designed website in a short period of time.  
4) Web Hosting:
Web hosting India
Windows And Linux Web Hosting By Hostindia
Web hosting is necessary for making your website live on internet. Hostindia.net is providing pocket budget web hosting services in India. This company had created multiple Web Hosting plan with proper impact of feature like hosting space, E-mail space, bandwidth, data base support, aliases and many more on customer demand. So that it will be more easier for a user to go for plan with his requirement. If your site is build in different languages then we have different web hosting plan for then like Windows web hosting and Linux web hosting. 99.9% update time, 24/7 monitoring, spontaneous customer support and our feature rich web hosting plan makes our customer delight and create a long time bonding.

5) VPS And Dedicated Server:
VPS and Dedicated hosting server
VPS and Dedicated Server
Basically VPS(Virtual Private Server) and Dedicated servers are used by big organisation and always loved by E-commerce website builder. If you are taking these service then you have all the rights to control and manage your hosting to run your website smoothly. Hostindia.net is providing easy to use and control all your need by the help of plesk control panel. As it have colocated our IT inftrastructure at Tata Communication's [formerly VSNL], providing you world class service with fast and reliable service in India which will take you to the next level.

6) SSL Certification:
SSL Cerification Service In India
SSL Certification By Hostindia
In the day of virtualizaton every day we are sending and receiving very sensitive data from different sources through our website. Some times you are providing your personal and financial information to a website and if you have a website you are asking your customer for some confidential information, But did it secure ?
 May be your customer will not agree to give any information in your website if your website is not secure !
To create a safer business environment hostindia.net is providing Globalsing SSLCertification in different plans. You can choose your plan according to your need.

Colocation & Datacenter Services in India
Colocation & Datacenter Services 
7) Colocation & Datacenter Services:
This is a service taken to overcome the challenges of IT Infrastructure Monitoring and Management. Hostindia.net is providing India based Colocation & Data center Services. We offer various Data-center spread across India to provides you best deal, saving your valuable resources and experiencing the reliable service. Our Pro-active Monitoring with Customized Notifications system, Escalations, regular Follow-up and 365x24x7 customer support makes your less effort into a better conversion.

8) Business E-mail Solutions:
Business E-mail Solutions service in India
Business E-mail Solutions service
Personalized E-mail service for your business and organisation will lead in brand awareness. hostindia.net provides fast and secure email hosting to keep multiple user connected with your business. It proves total outsourced mail solutions with complete control on all feature. hostindia.net had implemented some unique roll to monitor and track out for spamming and junk email protection.

9) Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365 and Other Business Tools:
Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 in India
Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365
Hostindia.net is providing certain kind of business application tool for your business to meet your business goals. Basically it is providing services like Google Apps for business Solutions, Microsoft office 365, business instant messaging and business email hosting, which will offers a scalable platform to grow. This all application will boost your business, productivity which leads your business in a traditional and secure way. By the help of these business application you can share, upload, shuttle and edit your document any time and any where assessable to carry forward business. Hostindia.net always believe in smart work and our effort is to make your business the smartest one.

10) 24/7 Customer Support:
24/7 Customer Support by live chat, telephone and E-mail
365x24x7 Customer Support by Hostindia
For every business customer support acts like a backbone. A customer support handles all sales issue, technical issue and all type of unaccepted issue appear in between customer and service. In a different terminology you can say a company is more advanced when its customer support is advances. Keeping these thing in mind hostindia.net is providing tremendous customer support of 24/7 apologized by thousands of customer. Fully qualified professional team of technical support team will gives you the smartest, easy and quick solution of your issue. Live chat, email and telephonic conversation is the three way to connect hostindia support team. Remote desktop support is added to advantage in its services.

10) No False promise:
value for money
Hostindia.net provide fully genuine information about our service and products. No other wrong commitment to attract customer. So many service provider use false commitment as well as hot model to attracts customers, but hostindia had never did that. it always believe customer satisfaction, so our service have 30-days money back guarantee and multiple service which specially optimized for customer satisfaction. It had never try to force or motivate customer by manipulating them by false commitment and  police.

11) Featured Advantage:
Apart form this hostindia.net is famous for his delightful support, budget priced service, easy to control feature, fast and reliable connectivity, fully accessible interface and broad networks leads hostindia.net to an ideal company.

Hostindia.net has a very good reputation in internet world. Every month we receive thousands of appreciation feedback form our delightful customer.

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