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Price Compassion Between Domain Name registration and Domain renewal !

Is Your domain expiring very soon! 
And you don't want to pay a great amount of money for renewing your domain?
lowest domian Renew price by

If your answer is yes, then definitely I will say that this information will help you to save your money. In general, if you want a Domain for yourself, you will have to compare pricing list a lot in your favorite search engine. Finally, you choose a service provider who is providing the domain in very cheap price and you purchase the domain from that company. But, Did you ever try to find the renewal charges for the same domain?
If your answer is NO, then you are making a big mistake, which is going to make your pocket light.

If you have purchased a domain from a buyer which has lower prices on domain registration, will you be satisfied there itself? But, Honestly, did you ever check the renewal price? Check now and you will find the renew price is 5-6 times more than the registration price and sometime it will touch 10 times more !!!
So What to do?

Don't worry, I will help you out from this confused situation to save your money. To overcome this kind of situation you have to choose your domain service provider carefully.

Have you Interested a Cheap Domain service provider?

Before choosing the service provider, firstly, enquire about the renewal charges. If you find that a company is providing a domain at 99/- only but its renewal charges are 699/- and in another case domain name price is 299/- but renewal charges are 299/-, then, you are much smarter to understand the difference and you know what is better to choose.
The main issue with Indian market is whenever we get a cheap domain we blindly purchase the cheap one and later we have to pay a lot for the same.

Anyway if you have already purchased a domain and right now you don't want to pay the jacked up price to your service provider who forces you, then here is the solution. You can transfer the domain name to another service provider who is providing standard domain renew price like

Domain transfer process and requirement.

Before that, your domain should qualify some basic requirement which is created by ICANN(Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). ICANN is responsible for all the transaction, maintenance and methodology of several databases of unique identifiers related to the namespaces of the internet and ensuring the network's stable and secure operation.

The requirement is given below:

1)- Your domain must be 60 days old or more.
2)- Your domain should not have been transferred to your current service provider within the last 60 days.
3)- The domain must be released or unlocked by your current service provider.
4)- Any private or hidden whois service should be disabled. you can disable it through the current service provider, You can check it through whois lookup domain.

If you passed out from the upper line condition then you can put a request to your new service provider for transfer of the domain. Basically, the domain transfer process is complete in 5-7 working days. Sometimes if the transfer did not happen due to some unaccepted reason then you have to re follow the whole process.
Standers domain price and cheap domain renew by hostindiaThe whole thing indicates that domain renewal process is a bit complicated than the domain registration. So if do some proper planning for domain registration before purchasing a domain it will lead you to save a lot of money and effort. You have to admit that if you get a domain at a bit cheaper price at the beginning you have to pay a lot for same later on !!

Keeping you smart from all.

Our market research about domain registration India will make you smart among all. is 15 years old, India based company that provides priced service to thousands of customer consistently. Every year a ton of customers are migrating from other service providers to, as well as it gaining a good number of satisfied customer every year.

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