Wednesday, 7 January 2015

How to Write Great Content - Practices for Improving Your Website's Usability.

Content Writing
Content is the King
  As we all know that content is the king and good content matters for three main reasons: you want the search engines to see it; you want people to stop and read it; and you want the search engines to notice people are engaging with your page whether they are staying on it to read, or clicking on a link to another page on your site.
Let’s first look at what good content is. People land on your site because they want the answer to a question, so good content is copy (words) that gives them the information they need. For example, ‘Are you diabetic? It’s important you care for your feet and check them regularly. Here’s what to do...’
Poor content goes on about you, the business owner. For example, ‘Established in 1864, we at Darling’s Solicitors pride ourselves on...’

Good website content is easy to read, and links are easy to see, whereas poor content means you have to peer at it. It makes a poor viewing experience and people often click away in annoyance. To make your visitors’ experience as good as possible:
• Use a main heading and subheadings in bold to draw customer attention.
• Use a medium sized sans serif font
• Have good contrast and color combination between the words and the background
• Have plenty of white space in your page
• Have at least 250 words on a page, not including ‘stop words’ like ‘and’, ‘but’, and so on
• Include relevant links within the text and make the links easy to see
• Include pictures with good resolution.
• Makes use of tabs or sliders

so people don’t have to scroll too much to find what they need) As you would with a magazine article or sales letter, get your important and eye-catching content at the start. Use your subheadings to give the gist of the story and to pull the reader’s eye down.
Use original content where you can. Make sure too that you update your site regularly, especial y if you’re in a fast-changing field like health or law. If you’re happy with the way your main pages are, add fresh content via news, and FAQs. If you can, add the articles and news through a blog page that’s part of the site. Before you calming to any search engine for you honestly think about your content that is it satisfied to you.

Apart from content, there are a lot of reason to get a good rank in the SERP(search Engine Result Page) including your domain registration name, URL structure, web hosting, back link and many more factor.

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