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Internet Security tips to protect your E-mail account.

Internet security tips to protect E-mail account.

The World is getting digital and highly advanced, and So is the hacking technique. As an internet user, we should be very conscious about internet security and spamming. This article will help you to Make Sure Your Emails are Safe. Here are some helpful tips for your Internet security.

On an everyday basis, you will get a ton of unwanted e-mail in your Inbox. However, this happens every day for almost all email user. At the beginning, it is a bit less but after few days it will become a headache. As a result, it will make your computer run slower. At the worst, your personal, professional and financial information can be hacked, or your entire computer can crash and everything would get Vanished due to a virus(A small Program which can't be detected by the computer, very small in size and powerful).
In order to safeguard your computer from email virus attack or any spamming activity follow the below Instructions.

1: - Don't open any E-mail attachments apart from you Contact list or the people you don't know. However, most of the people do it all the time. Usually, this type of email coming with unwanted subject either make it look as though they are sending you something that you requested (“here's the information you asked for”) or they make it appear as if they know you (“Hey, it's me, Rahul”), sometimes they reward you as a winner of unknown competition(“Congratulation you had win 50k, replay for claim” ). However, if you weren't expecting any email with an attachment and you don't recognize the sender's address don't open it. It could contain some invisible virus which will harm your computer. First check the mail properly if you ensure that mail belongs to some of your contacts then only open the attachment

2: - Normally in a day at least one E-mail should come which will ask about your details by manipulating. Don't fill any information or reply or don't give out any personal or professional information to this kind of E-mail or any unknown email. On the other hand, sometimes your internet security system presented on your computer can be threatened from senders who pretend to know you and try to get you to give them information.

For instance, if you are looking for any job and you search and applying for jobs then someone might contact you and say that they found your resume from this particular job portal. That time they could suggest you to visit some different site and fill some information with your social address or number and few thinks related to your study subject or interested field, pretending to have you fill out an application. My Suggestion is DO NOT fill or provide any information to them unless if you are applying for a Government job or the interview that you have been already attended. You should not give any details of social security number to them. Once you complete
with an interview process or if qualified for a government job then the only background check is done.

3: - If you using any E-mail service in India from any free service provider then use strong password never use a simple password. Best practice is not to use the same password every time in all your account, like in your online bank account, any information site or your finance related account. It is very easy to find out your E-mail password by the hacker once he will figure out any password of your related account. It will be hazardous if any hacker reached your E-mail account. Hacker can use your information and your email account as he wants to.

4: -Keep changing your account password on regular Basis. Use a complicated password for your account, use characters, numbers, and symbol to make your password more strong. Avoid using your name, DOB in your password.

5: -Don't share your email account password with anyone. Always ensure that you log out from your E-mail account when you are leaving a system. Never give your account password to someone else and don't let them access your E-mail account.

This is all tips for a free email account and personal used email account. If you are using corporate level E-mail hosting service (Business email hosting) from any service provider like or GoDaddy then they are providing special email protection service to protect your email from spamming and hacking. Still, you can use upper tips to make your email account safer. 

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