Monday 23 February 2015

Enhancing Your Brand with Personalized E-mail Address !

Build your brand with personalized email address.

E-mail communication has become one of the most used forms of communication in the personal and professional world. 
In 1971 the first mail was sent by Ray Tomlinson. From that day till 21st-century email priority had been never been decreasing.

E-mail is an address of your own identity on the internet. Basically, for personal use, we mention our name in the email address. Almost all of us are using free E-mail service like @gmail, @yahoo, @hotmail and etc. These emails service providers are providing free, simple to understand structure with easy to send and receive messaging system.
But when you purchase a domain name for your business or for any small organization then you are developing a new world of your won possibilities. You will create a new brand in the world.

The concept of creating a new brand would always become a craze by every founder. So to build a good brand with multiple factors should be followed, like a brand logo, brand image, brand name, brand people, brand domain and much more.

We all know that for anything, the first impression is the last impression. Take an example of this blog home page in which background image is book self, header color is a combination of white, blue and red with creating an impression of this particular blog-site, Which will lead to a brand and a brand will help you to identify you from the crowd.
Now in order to create a brand for your business. You will purchase a domain with that you will get an Email Hosting Plan also. Using a personalized E-mail address will help you to enhance your brand value and brand name.

For example: if you have a business of a beauty salon with a brand name of "I care beauty salon" and your website is "" but your email address is "" then that will create a space in between your email address and your business website. Your customer will not trust it suddenly with this email address. Honestly, if you ask yourself, you will also recognize that something is different between an email address and your business. It will not create a trust factor between your customer and your business.

Choosing a personalized email address for your personalized business will build a trust bond between your customer and business, which will encourage people to believe in your brand and gives them a reason to do the same.
Not only your E-mail address, your domain name, blog and all should be personalized with your business which will provide a sense to your business in terms of building a brand value.

How to create a personalized email address for your website?
Once you complete with web hosting service formality forms a service provider you will get a Plesk control panel. By the help of Plesk control panel only you can create multiple email address with the different name but similar email domain. Basically, every hosting plan has a limited email address depending on hosting plan.

While creating an email address for your employ or your business partner three things you will have to take care of.
1)- Email address name for the employ
2)- A password
3)-Size of the mail box
Once you complete with these upper setting your employ can sign-up for the email address. Apart from this, you have to protect your email from spamming.

Nowadays offline mail clients are getting install in a system, in case your sever goes wrong or you are disconnected from the internet for any reason then you can take help from the offline mail client. Hopefully, this will help you understand the importance of personalized E-mail address.

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