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Are you Tight on Budget! If yes then Shared Hosting is a great web host source for you and Here’s How!

shared hosting

Shared Web Hosting services are been used by many website owners because of its economical attributes. It is a great way for the small business owners, bloggers, and new websites to opt for Shared web hosting who are looking to start a website quickly with limited funds.  If you are too on a tight budget and looking for a web hosting service that can fulfill all the website need with a limited budget then Shared Web Hosting is highly recommended. Below is a list of things that you should know before starting with the shared hosting.

Shared Hosting:

In Shared Hosting many websites are hosting on a single server where the websites share the server resource among the website that is hosted on a single server. Every website is assigned with limited features and resources that are defined by the hosting plan.

Small business can create an online presence with shared web hosting without spending too much on the maintenance and resources on the server. Shared hosting provider offers Windows Shared Hosting and Linux Shared Hosting are multiple types of the shared hosting solutions that are offered by most of the web hosting provider.

The difference between the Windows Shared hosting and Linux Shared hosting will depend on the type of the coding language and the development platform that you will utilize your website.

How does it work?

Now what happens in Shared web hosting is that the server hosts various accounts for multiple customers. The customer will manage their website, databases and emails in the server limited or with a defined storage space and the cost will be shared by all.

Shared Hosting Platform is like living in an apartment with other people where you have to share resources like water, gas, electricity, rooms and etc. You will have to pay equally when the due date is up for rent payment or the maintenance. So this way it is economic for everyone to pay rent and maintenance by splitting the money equally.

How is shared hosting different from Virtual Private Server hosting and Dedicated Hosting?


Shared hosting platform host multiple websites account in a single server. VPS hosting host website on the physical server by giving the root access and it is shared by other Virtual Private Servers. Dedicated Hosting host website allots the server to a single client or the website.


Shared Hosting performance may vary because of the shared resources when other websites are receiving more traffic than yours. VPS Hosting offers you complete root access which gives you a large chunk of resources at disposal. Dedicated Hosting provides you with an entire server for your use where you can deploy your own application and run large websites and application.


Shared Hosting does not provide optimum security compared to another hosting platform because of the increase in other website activity can blacklist your IP. In VPS Hosting there are very few website accounts that are hosted so the chances of getting affected by other website account activity are low. Dedicated Hosting offers you the entire server to a single client so the risks of getting affected by other website activity or other threats are eliminated.

How is Shared Hosting beneficial for you?

It is true that Shared Hosting has its own limitation but if you are tight on budget or if your website is new then trying shared hosting will be useful for you.


When you are launching a new website for the first time you will be not sure of the success that the website will receive in the first instance. Spending a huge chunk of money and resources on your website will be putting a hole in your pocket. Shared Hosting is very cost-effective where you have to pay as little as low as newspaper or magazine subscription in a month.

No need for Technical Maintenance:

You don’t have to maintain any Technical aspect of the server because there will be skilled professional that will be responsible for the whole maintenance of the website. So this way you focus more on running the website and business and less worry about the maintenance of the website.

As you know that there are many Hosting Providers but there are very few who offer excellent service with a trusted name in the market. is a leading brand in India that offer exceptional service and reliable customers support. Hosting your website on will leverage your website with a 99.9% uptime and 24x7 customer support.

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If you have any questions or suggestions then feel free to comment down below, it will be great to hear from you.

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