Thursday, 9 August 2018

Looking for a new Website Theme! Here are the best Wordpress Themes for Free

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Are you bored of your website looking the same for ages? If yes, then there are lot of Wordpress Themes for your website that can make your website look more advanced and cool. Now if you are already on the lookout for wordpress themes then you must have come across website that offers wordpress themes with hidden prices. We have listed number of websites that offer free wordpress themes with best designs, templates and features. 

There are thousands of Wordpress themes in the market and that can be little confusing and overwhelming for you. In this article we have listed the best wordpress themes websites that can go best with the blogs or best suited depending on the type of the business. 

So here we go.....

Venture Lite:

Venture Lite is probably the best website that offers the best wordpress tools because it covers all the features that you will want for your website. It offers mobile friendly website which is sleek and full of features that give your visitors and customers’ access to the website with more user-friendly features. Venture Lite also offers attractive themes that can be quite an eye catching scene. So If you are looking for website that should look very modern and attractive then Venture Lite is the best in the market. 


If you are a musician or an artist that wants a simple website but with advanced features then Obsidian is the website to go for. You can easily put music or playlist at the bottom of the screen or anywhere else. This will provide your fans and visitor an elite experience with simple functionality and great visuals.


Are you looking for a website that offers you the basic functionality with the touch of elegance and classiness then Breviter is the website that can fulfil all your needs. With Breviter you can create full-featured themes with clean and clean looking website where you can add links, quotes and images. You can add this theme if you are looking to promote any new release or any seminar or summit. 


Nowadays Business owners know that if you want to sell online then you have to also look good online. That is what Shapely will do for your business website. It’s a great Wordpress Theme for your online E-commerce presence with picturesque and responsive design for your website. You don’t even need any coding skills if you want to create any custom design in the website. So it is a great option for people who are not so familiar with coding. 


If you are really serious with a website for your business that should do fulfil your every need then Business is the best wordpress theme for online business people. You can easily put up storefront pricing options, custom menu options, blog and employee profile pages. You can create a terrific website with elegance and simplicity loaded with features that any business will want for their website. 


If you are looking for a professional image presentation, then Trends is the place for you. It is absolutely free and highly preferred for people and companies in the property field and also for freelance journalists. Trends will bring you access to a number of features such as predefined template shortcuts, post slider options to bring a stunning visual looks and ready translation for taking your company to the global audience.

Food Hunt:

Restaurant owners and foodies all over the world will find Food Hunt meeting all their expectations. It brings a vast number of color options bringing high resolution to your images so that you can present your favorite foods in an appetizing way! A few other ingredients include flexibility, auto-focus and a menu plugin to help you create an on-site menu, bringing your insight in your own unique way.


Websites fixing temporary projects are a plenty all over the Internet, but choosing one to minimize any kind of hassle is a bit challenging. For example, if you are planning for an opening announcement for a wedding broadcast or getting out info regarding a reunion, go for Goran. Its super simple to operate and you wouldn't need any specialist with a tech background from outside or your family to post your message. It also comes with a number of in-built features such as automatic displace in the menu while linking your message to social networking sides.

To make your Website even more responsive and powerful you can opt for a web hosting plan that can make your website load more faster and responsive. As you know that there are many Hosting Providers but there are very few who offer excellent service with a trusted name in the market. is a leading brand in India that offer exceptional service and reliable customers support. Hosting your website on will leverage your website with a 99.9% uptime and 24x7 customer support. 

If you have any questions or suggestions then feel free to comment down below, it will be great to hear from you.

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