Monday 27 July 2015

Importance of Domain Name and why should you register a domain of your own?

Your domain name registration
Before I start explaining the importance of a Domain Name Registration, we must know more details about domain name.
I believe most of us heard about domain name. If you are planning for a website then the first thing you have to plan is domain name registration. It will be an address for your website on the internet. Your domain name choice will become your first success mantra in terms of brand building, popularity, SEO(Search Engine Optimization), SEM(Social Media Marketing) and more.

However, in this article, we will help you to choose a domain name which will become an identity of your business. Apart from that, we will suggest everyone purchase an own domain name for a future requirement.

Let us explore the importance of domain name registration:

A domain name will become your brand face.
If you have a business with a unique name and also having a website with the same domain name will lead to a professional touch to your business. If any new user will search your business on any search engine then definitely he will check the first result and if he finds your business name as a domain name then it will create an impression as well as a trust factor. If you will choose some different name or he didn't find any result, then you may be losing a customer!

A domain name leads you to uniqueness:
Having your own domain is like your own house with a unique address, not a rent or leased one. If you book a domain with your business name, then it will be only yours. No one can purchase the same one. If someone will type your domain or your website URL than your website will be seen. Yes, if someone wants the same domain, then he can purchase a domain look like you or with different domain extension.
If you have registered a domain ""
some can buy ""
or he can purchase ""

Your domain will help you to build your brand:
If you are looking for a long runner business with a brand name then your domain name may become the first priority. We have a great example of “Google”. If you will add your brand name with your domain name, then it will amplify your brand awareness and its value. If your brand name is ear pleasing and catchy then it generates a good impression, as well as a visitor, does care for the future visit. Your visitor can make your brand viral if it is awesome.

The advantage of personalized email address to domain name:
If you are registering a domain name with any domain registration service provider, then you are eligible for personalized email id with your domain name. Again the advantage of this Email Hosting is if you will send any mail to your customer with your own business email id will build a trust between your business and customer. Again your personalized Email address will enhance your brand name. Professional looking email id will give you more response and business compare to others.

Your domain name will become your online element to build an online empire:
If your business deals with a physical shop or online product don't matter, but still in the days of the 20th century every business needs a website to grow better. So if you have a business, then your domain name will help you to enter into the internet world and build an online empire.
You can get a lot of platforms where you can build a website with some other partner like WordPress and blogger. But when you will get good traffic at that time it may be an issue for you. So better to have a domain of your own.
If you are a writer, photographer or have an idea that you want to show to the world, then you need a blog or a website. In this situation better to have a website of your own to show off your talent.

For a better result in SEO:
If you want to sell some product or service through your website then you have to build a website which is search engine friendly. The search engines recognize the importance of domain name and give preference to those websites that have their own unique domain names rather than those that are using another domain name.
You can get a domain name and host free, nowadays, but still, you have to think a lot about the future of your website. If you are trying to build a website for a temporary requirement or study purpose then its fine.

We will highly recommend all to have an own domain name and realize the importance and power of domains. Domain registration will not take a painful amount of money, but it will cost very less. Especially if you will purchase a domain from you will own a domain at a very cheap price as well as its renewal charges is very less compare to other service providers.

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