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Ever had the curiosity to know who owns the domain name. If Yes, Here's how you can find out

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Most of the time people come across some weird or amazing domain names and want to know who owns that certain domain name. But many people often make mistakes or go the wrong way and end up finding the host of the website. Finding the details of the domain name owner and host of the website is two different things so you will need a different approach to find out the domain name owner.

Here’s how! Let’s find out...

The first question raises that why find the owner of the various domain names and how it can benefit you from this information. You should ask yourself this question because it will help you get your goals right. 

In fact, it is very rewarding to collect all this information because one, for instance, the domain name can be always for a sale. So this way you can contact the domain name seller for the purchase of the existing domain name. There are scenarios where the website site owner is thinking a name for their website which will be perfect but when they are registering the domain name he/she comes to know that the domain name is been already registered. 

If you are not one of the giving up kind then there are even further steps that may help you get that old domain name back. So the first thing you can do is contact the domain name owner and see if he/she is ready to sell. You can also fetch the details to know when the domain name expires so that you can purchase when the time comes for renewal of the domain name. At the time of the domain renewal, you can contact the owner and give a bid for the purchase of the domain name.

This kind of information can also help you to cross check if your details are right or no. If you find that there are some details are missing or something is wrong then you can resolve it by contacting with your web host. By doing this you will be saving yourself from any issues that may occur in the future. You can also find out when the domain name will expire so that you can re-purchase it when it expires. 

How to find out who owns the Domain name? 

It is not as difficult as it seems to find out the domain name, in fact by just one single source you can come to know all the information that you need. You can find all the information here on the It is very easy to find out the owner of the domain name which is as easy as typing the name of the domain in the search bar. You can also search the domain name owned by, just typing in the keywords, it is as easy as it gets. 

Once you have searched the owner of that specific website you will get a list of information which includes who the domain registrar is, email id and phone number. You will also have the access to the information about the status of the domain as to when it was created and last update and when the domain name will expire. There is also other additional information that will be available for you that might come to your interest. 

Based on the information you can predict whether the owner will be ready to sell you the domain or no. If the domain is created for over 5 years span of time or more then there are very less likely chances for you to purchase that domain name. If you want the domain owner to sell the domain name then you may have to payload sum of the money in exchange of the domain name. will provide you the basic information you will need to know if you are planning for a domain name purchase. But if you want more information then you can search for the site called Domain Tools that has WHOIS Lookup that provides extra information. With that tool you will view information such as the response code of the website, SEO score, number of links and the number of images included in the website with DomainTools. This way you can come to know the status of your competitor’s website to see how their marketing tactic is working all along. It is also another way of comparing and analyzing your website. 

Now you must have come to know how to find out who owns the domain name easily by just typing the domain name and after that, all the information will be presented to you. If you have any suggestion or any query then feel free to comment down below.

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