Wednesday 13 June 2018

Free SEO tools that will help you improve Google Ranking of your website

SEO free tools

As you know the importance of Search Engine Optimization for the website as to how it makes the website more visible to the viewers. But for the website to be SEO optimized it takes effort, time and tools. There are SEO tools available on the market that will help you revamp your website which will provide better ranking at Google Search Engine. 

When someone has set up a new business then the first thing the business want is exposure and that is what online world does that. It is very cost-effective and reaches a larger audience. When you set up a website then it doesn’t mean that the Google Search will automatically drive traffic to your website. You will need to work on your website so that your business gets more exposure to the following SEO tools will help you show in which area you need to work on your website. Even though if you have a website and want to make it SEO optimized then you will also need to know the main criterion that you need to work on so SEO tools will help you successfully make your website SEO optimized. 

The following are the free SEO tools that will make your website SEO optimized:-

SEO SiteCheckup

SEO SiteCheckup will scan your website and they will provide you some points or some changes that you will need to make to improve the ranking in the Google Search Results. With SEO SiteCheckup you can analyze SEO issues, SEO Reports, SEO monitoring, While Lable SEO reports and understands the Competitors SEO profile.

Quick Sprout

Quick Sprout is a popular Search Engine Optimization tool that offers website scanning tool that helps you show which area on your website needs work. Quick Sprout will analyze the website and provide you some suggestion for improvement on your website. You can analyze your website, review and make changes and write and Optimize more. 

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is an SEO tool that will let you find ways to link building opportunities. You can easily identify top pages, analyze anchor text, view social activity and research backlinks. Open Site Explorer lets you develop a high-quality Link profile, Research backlinks, Find link building opportunities and discover potentially damaging links.

Keyword Tool

Keyword SEO Tool is a free alternative to Google Adwords Keyword Planner for PPC and SEO Keyword Search where it creates long-tail keywords from the autocomplete of Google News, Web Search, Videos, and Images. It also gets the keywords from eBay, Youtube, Appstore, Big and offers volume data. Keyword Tool provides a free version of keyword tools that generates 750 plus long tail keyword. It is reliable and you can use the Keyword tool for free without any need of creating an account. 


With SERPs, you can use it to find your position in the search results from the particular keyword. Serps provides daily ranking data, mobile, tablets ranking, results in the 250th position, unlimited users and domains, local rankings, Google and Yahoo ranking in 400+ countries. 


Browseo is a free Search Engine Optimization tool that will help you view any web page like search engine views it. It will help you identify the issues with your website and also with your competitor’s websites. 

Google Keyword Planner

Google Adword Keyword is a widely popular keyword research tool that enables the users to find the right keywords to target search ads, display ads, video ads, and application. 

Google Search Console

With Google Search console you can view your website’s performance and find more Google Webmaster support, learning and community resources. If you find there is something wrong with your website then with Google Search Console you will instant top issues list, testing tools and support documentation. You can provide new content for crawling or remove the content that you don’t want to be shown in the Google Search Engine results. You can build and monitor content that offers visually search results. You can resolve and monitor spam and malware issues on your website. 

PageSpeed Tool

PageSpeed Tool is a free tool that will ask you to enter your web page URL and then will provide you some suggestions as to how to solve the issues relating to performance and problems on your website. Page Speed tool is a ranking factor that will help you detect issues that are making your website slower.

SEO Workers

SEO Workers is a popular SEO tool that will measure and check the site ranking potential of the web pages. It analyzes the HTTP headers, relevancy of the description Meta tag, length and relevancy of the title tag, length, the number of keywords and relevancy of keywords Meta tag.

I hope that you have found this article useful for optimizing your website into SEO best practices so that your website is much more visible to the world and reaches a larger audience. If you have any suggestion then you can comment down and let us know your recommendation.

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