Friday 11 August 2017

Importance of SSL Certification For Online Selling Website - (E-commerce)

SSL for websites
With almost the entire business sector on the way to cashless digital transactions, almost every company have switched to online selling to cater to a large number of internet shoppers.

However, the threats of phishing, stealing sensitive information looms large on the internet and cash transactions are the most attacked verticals in recent times. Maybe, that is the reason why Google has started giving a small hike in ranks to sites which possess the SSL certificate.

Hackers or those stealing confidential information seldom bother about the popularity of a website involved in online sales as their main job is to find vulnerabilities. 

Nothing can be worse for an online entrepreneur than the loss of confidential data of the customers which are then used to siphon off cash to undetected accounts of phishers.

SSL, or its expanded form the Secure Sockets Layer, can be best described as the security wall which prevents the sensitive information on your online selling website from falling into the hands of online predators.

Hacking has fast become a passion for even school students, and the security walls of famous companies’ website have been broken to steal confidential information or to deface them

How Can Sensitive Information Be Stolen On The Internet?

A customer comes to your popular website which sells apparels. You have not yet installed the SSL tool in your online presence. Messages from customers all over the world will be stored on your website. As soon a visitor completes a contact form in the website, small amount of information in the form of texts will be sent to your website CMS.  This information will then be available on every machine on your network. In case the customer uses Wi-Fi, then the message will be dispatched and stored in the required database.

This situation is more dangerous, as a hacker can easily sniff out the password of the visitor’s bank details, and within some time, your visitor is bound to lose a substantial sum of money.

Similar to the keys that are used to lock as well unlock doors, these certificates use the same method to authenticate and preserve confidential information.

Reasons for using SSL –


SSL is usually found only on pages which require customers to offer their confidential information such as social media messages, email ids, credit card details, photos, documents and passwords. It encrypts the confidential information shared between an internet browser and website. A security wall is always needed for websites that require payments to be done online, either via another party payment sites such as PayPal or WorldPay.

If your site offers memberships or discounts for businesses, then opting for SSL is a wise option. You do not want your name or the website to appear in a negative way before the media in case of a security breach regarding the members, do you? 
These certificates verify the authenticity and details of a fake website for your customers, thus protecting it from any phishing attacks.

SSL certificates offer even support to non-selling websites such as BBC to prevent their online news from alteration by unscrupulous third parties.


Also to be stated is the fact, that a normal website or blog which does not require any confidential information from others rarely need the SSL certificate.

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