Wednesday 17 January 2018

What is SSL Certification and how Let’s Encrypt will help your website?

At the first time when you must have heard SSL Certificate, you must have thought in your head thinking SSL Certificate to be a physical certificate. But in fact, it is not a certificate in a piece of paper authorised but actually, they are data files. When you install the SSL Certificates on the Web Server you will secure the connection from your server to the user’s browser for safe net browsing. You will automatically notice a small padlock and “Secure” on the left side of the URL. Your site will be starting with https which indicates that the site is much secured instead of the regular HTTP.

As you know now what is SSL Certificate so I will now introduce you to Let’s Encrypt. Let’s Encrypt is a Certificate authority that launched in April Last year. It aims at making the online world a secure place by encrypting more web traffic. Encrypt means simply concealing the data. Encrypting the data on the website will protect your website from the hackers and virus so basically, the customers or visitors will visit the website with no regrets.

To obtain SSL certificate you need to pay some nominal fee but with Let’s Encrypt you can freely acquire an SSL certificate free of cost. It is first of its kind to provide SSL certificate because so this will encourage many people to secure their website to spread safe browsing.

SSL Certificate-Let’s Encrypt:

Let's learn about this as how you can encrypt your data with SSL Certificate provided by Let’s Encrypt with free of cost. They are available in any popular web browser such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and much more. This SSL Certificate will only last for 90 days and this is done so that the people are encouraged to renew their certificates. When the SSL certificate runs out the other SSL certificate is automatically issued and renewed that makes sure that there is no period where the website is without the SSL encryption.

With this, you can only register 100 sites to one certificate so most of the people won’t be bothered about this. Only 500 certificates can be registered every 3 hours. This is done so that Let’s Encrypt can protect their servers and avoid serious overloading problem in the future.

You must have first thought that why you want to secure your website by obtaining a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. Why go through such procedure just to get a website secured? The main first reason I can give is that it is a free SSL Certificate introduced in the market. The essential point about having an SSL certificate is that you will be securing your browser.

Lets Encrypt will allow you to conveniently encrypt a domain name and also secure the connection. So when you will be getting visitors to your website then they will be feeling safe in knowing that their details are protected and safe from the internet impostors. In short, if you want to go with the current trend in the internet website market then you should get an SSL certificate. It is very simple and easy to manage SSL certificate because everything is automatic and you don’t even have to worry about the new SSL certificate issued because everything will be done for you. From your side, you have to put very minimum effort to get an SSL certificate by just entering the domain and that’s it.

What’s the difference between the Paid SSL Certificate and Let’s Encrypt Certificate?

Let’s Encrypt certificate validity last only for 90 days but on the other hand, paid certificate validity last for a long time. But Let’s Encrypt Certificate may last for 90 days but they keep on renewing it every 60 days. For the paid certificate, you may have to physically keep renewing them.

For Commercial SSL Certificate you will get a warranty with every purchase you make but with Let’s Encrypt you will not get a warranty because it is free. When you go for a paid certificate you will get a warranty so when there is an issue or if you want to re-install then it will be done for free of cost.

With Paid SSL Certificate you can cover both the Domain and the sub-domain but it isn’t the same as Lets Encrypt. For every Domain and Sub Domain, you have to encrypt it with SSL Certificate.

The main reason for choosing a Paid SSL certificate is that if you have a business website you will be getting support if any issues occur with the certificate. But with Let’s Encrypt there isn’t support while installing the certificate but anyways it is a simple process but there are some who may find it hard to do so. When you choose a Paid SSL certificate you will be getting the support when you need it because you will be paying money so they can afford to provide staff to help you with this. But Let’s Encrypt gets donations and some sponsor to provide free services to the people so that the Browsing become much safer.

What we have learned here is that Let’s encrypt is a free SSL Certificate that will secure your website and encrypt precious data free of cost. But if you are really serious about your website and need a dedicated team then you should go for Paid SSL Certificate.

I hope that you have learned valuable information as to how important is to have an SSL Certificate for a website and its benefits. If you have any questions then you can leave a comment down below so that we can get the conversation going on and so that I can help you further with queries or questions regarding SSL certificates.

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