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How to hide domain name details from the public for security reasons

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With the online security threat rising rapidly it has become utmost important to maintain a website with optimum security measures. Earlier, the online threat was rising predominantly because not many people had known about their rights to privacy and security. But now people have come to know how they can protect their privacy and secure themselves from online threats such as spamming, hackers, identity theft and much more. 

Most of the website owners know the importance of security when it comes to their customers and visitors but what about the security of the website owner. When someone registers their domain name with the domain registrar their details such as Name, Phone number, email address and etc can be viewed via WHOIS website


WHOIS allows you run a query and then it provides you a set of information about the domain name. So when you register a domain name with the registrar you have to provide contact information such as mail address, contact number, name and other details.

When the domain name is registered, a WHOIS record is created that has all the information that you provided during registration of domain name. When you purchase a domain name then your contact information will be available to the public. These records can be accessed by anyone through the WHOIS website.

If you have a website with the domain name registered then you can run a WHOIS search and see what information is available to the public. 

Now there are some who want their contact information to be available because it’s another way of providing contact information to their customers. But not everyone is comfortable with their information being shared with the world and that is where Domain Privacy comes into the picture. 

Domain Privacy:

Domain Privacy allows you to hide the contact information that you don’t want to show up on the WHOIS website. There are many web hosts who provide this service as an add-on service when you are purchasing a domain name. 

There are web hosts who will secure your information where the information will be listed as the name and contact information of the web host. If anyone wants to contact you regarding domain name then they will have to first contact the web host and if they find out that it is not a spam call then they will redirect it to the customer. 

Customers who register a domain name without Privacy often experience that their inboxes are full of spam emails. They will receive emails from digital marketer pitching SEO and marketing services, small business related offer, website builder tools and discounts and lots more. There will be services that will be genuine and there will be some emails that will be a scam. Customers do have a wrong idea that the domain registrar has sold their information to the third party but in reality that is not actually the case. The web host or the domain registrar never sell customer’s personal information to the third party. It is just your personal information is available to the public when don’t opt for domain privacy while registering a domain name. 

How can you make your website more secure?

Now once you have a website you should be prioritized two things that are the development of the website and the security of the website. Development of the website concerns the structure and layout of the website and security concerns protecting the interest of the customer or the visitor and also the interest of the website owner. But here will be focusing more on the security aspect of a website. To make your website more secure you can opt for an SSL Certificate that will keep your site secure from all the malware, virus and hackers. If you want to know more about SSL Certificates then click here.

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