Monday 27 August 2018

Use cPanel to launch Site Publisher to create a Website

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Now as you are setting up your website you must be first looking out for a Good Web host that will give you the right plans that will cater your website needs. After choosing the right web host and purchasing the hosting package you must be then eager to set up your website right away. 

Now setting up your website is like setting up the interior of the house so you must have got the idea that it is not easy to set up a dynamic website in one day. When you are setting up your website with content management systems such as Joomla and Wordpress it can be a little difficult to learn everything in just one instance. But with Site Publisher, you can set up a website even though if you have never created a website before. 

Now if you are setting up a website but you already want to let people know about your website then you can opt for a Site publisher tool that can set up an one-page website in just matter of minutes. cPanel had launched Site publisher in 2016 that enables you to easily set up a one-page website quickly without many configurations and procedures to follow.

Site Publisher:

Site Publisher allows you to set up a simple website without any need of having prior knowledge and experience regarding setting up a new website. You can select an appropriate template according to your needs and enter the website content. Site publisher provides you with inbuilt templates and adds your own images to create a website. 
You can use SitePublisher if you want to set up a simple informational page. Anyone can set up his or her website with SitePublisher even though if you have no prior experience or any expertise. You can use SitePublisher from the cPanel itself. 

cPanel is a web hosting control panel that offers you tools to simplify the hosting process. Through that, you can control the process of the website and server from the web application. 

How can SitePublisher help you?

Now if you want to set up a simple website page about their business or themselves such as creating a portfolio of the business or an online CV. If you are newly launching your website then you can set up a website saying “under construction” until the main website is finally launched. 

How to create a website using SitePublisher?

First select a domain from the list of the domain that you have registered such as domain, addon domains, and subdomains.

If you have only one domain or you have you have come to the SitePublisher site via the subdomain or addon domain link then you will be automatically redirected to the next step. 

You can then select a template from the list of template section with a preview image, description, and name for each template. This way you can select the right template that will fulfill your requirement. 

After selecting the template, you have to then update and enter the desired website content

Once you have finished all the formality you can then click Publish. 

When you publish the site publisher website the cPanel automatically saves a copy of the domain’s document root’s current content as a tarball in the backups section under the directory in SitePublisher. If there are any backups that are 30 days old then cPanel will automatically delete it. When you publish a new website with SitePublisher the system creates new website file data and stores them in the document roots under the domain name. 

So next time if you have to publish any website in a hurry then worry not SitePublisher has got your back. 

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