Thursday, 2 August 2018

Google's Latest update aims to change security measures and this is how it will affect your website

Google update

Google has updated their Chrome Web Browser that will let the visitors know that they have landed on a website that is not secure or not. This update will create more awareness among the website owners that need to implement strong security measures. Looking at these changes there will be also other web browsers that will implement these measures to eliminate and minimize the online threats. 

Online threats are increasing and the concern for security is been shooting skyrocket so Google has taken the first step in eliminating this. But with such changes that are being implemented your website will be affected if you don’t take action over this matter soon. 

Customers are now being aware of the importance of security measure and they won’t be comfortable doing a transaction or even just simply browsing on a website that is not secure. Google has prioritized this move to a certain level by determining the website’s search engine ranking depending on the security measure of the website. This means that no matter how great your website or the content is but if it doesn't have any security measure such as SSL certificate or HTTPS then your SEO ranking will be affected. Your website will be at the bottom and this will decrease the number of users that you receive. Basically, this will disrupt your online business set up and your customer base.

What will happen with the new update by Google?

The Google Chrome browser version 68 will release in July and with this, the users will come to know that the website that they are visiting is not encrypting the traffic by showing ‘Not Secure’ message on the URL tab. 

When the customer comes across such website that is not secure then they are most likely to avoid entering such website to make any purchases or signing up for a newsletter. The customers now also look out for another sign to check the website authenticity by looking at the URL tab to see whether there is HTTPS at the start of the URL or no. The website that is secured with https will be seen as ( and if it is not secured with https then it will be simply written The other downfall of not having an SSL certificate and HTTPS will be that your website will not be favored in the Google Search Engine Ranking. This will affect the amount of traffic that you expect to receive with your website being at the bottom of the Search Engine list. 

How can I make my Website Secure?

You can opt for an SSL certificate which is a standard security technology for encrypting the link between the web server and the browser. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer that will make your website more secure for browsing. A web server stores, process and delivers the web pages to the clients and web browser is a medium where the customers can view the website from their devices. The Web Server and Web Browser work together to deliver the contents of the website. Thus, there is a need to keep the link between the interaction between the web server and the web pages secure and that is what SSL certificate do to keep the browsing more secure. It encrypts the link so that the hackers won’t be able to infiltrate the information that transitions from the browser and the server. This creates the confidence and the trust between the customer and the company so that they can securely browse through your website without any worry of any online threats. 

With the seriousness of the online threats that is affecting many website owners and visitors, Lets Encrypt offer free SSL certificates for basic protection of your website.  You can read this article here about how Let's Encrypt is providing free SSL certificates.

Importance of Encryption:

A website without an SSL certificate is a house with no lock because when information that are passing through the web server to the web pages are at a greater risk. That information can be stolen, misused or exploited so to prevent that website should implement SSL certificate and HTTPS. SSL certificate can benefit your business in many ways by improving the trust, quality, security and SEO ranking of your website. Encrypting your website will not only protect your website from any harm but it will also protect your customer's interest. 

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