Tuesday 3 March 2015

Understanding The Difference Of Transferring a Domain and Pointing a Domain.

Transferring domain name
Transferring Domain Name

What is the really meaning of Transfer a Domain?

The concept of domain transfer is the most misunderstanding processes or a symbol of poor service in the web hosting and domain registration world. Yes, it is very confusing operation in the whole process.

Let's understand it in simple lines: Basically, people transfer their domain for different different reason such as more potential cost, less value added service, poor customer support and many more reason which effect your site performance.

If your domain registration is expiring shortly or after expire you want to transfer the same, then maybe it might not succeed. The domain transfer process takes at least 5 to 7 working days and after that if the transform is not happening, then again, you have to go through the process and same 5 to 7 working days it will take. Because of potential delays in the transfer process, we recommend that you transfer your domain name well before its registration is scheduled to expire.

Understanding Transferring a Domain and Pointing a Domain.

As I discuss in the upper line that the transfer is a confusing process, most of the transfers are done unnecessarily. Yes, we see hundreds of domain transfer in every week and the reason is the user, transforming the hosting service to another service provider, But in actual they only have to point the domain name to their new host. 

This is a very small process of updating the DNS records (changing the domain name server). The most tragedies part is users transfer their domain name blindly to a new service provider with extra cost which will also lead to delays in domain transfer with extra annual cost.

If you are having domain registration India and web hosting service from the same provider and you find that hosting service or technical support is not so good, then you can choose a another hosting service provider and make the necessary change in DNS setting.

At hostindia.net multiple number of domains are transforming, reason is poor hosting service of the other service provider. In that confusing situation, I would like to suggest to our reader that they can only go for hosting service and point the domain name to the new hosting providers. Domain name transfer is very long and headache process.

Note: here we is not discouraging user to transfer the domain, but the suggestion is to save time and money of a user. Yes, if at the time of renewing a domain if your domain name provider is not responding properly or you are facing any other issue related to domain names, we will encourage the user to transfer hosting as well as domain name to the new service provider.

How to transfer a domain name?

If you are holding domain name and you want to transfer the domain name to a different service provider, then you can obviously transfer the domain name to a different registrar. Before that your domain name registration should fulfill bellow requirement:

  1. Your domain must be 60 days old or more .
  2. Your domain should not have been transferred to your current service provider within the last 60 days.
  3. The domain must be released or unlocked by your current service provider.
  4. Any private or hidden who.is service should be disabled. you can disable it through the current service providers, You can check it through whois lookup domain.

When we are going to transfer a domain name a standers instruction we have to follow created by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). ICANN is responsible for all the transactions, maintenance and methodology of several databases of unique identifiers related to the namespaces of the internet and ensuring the network's stable and secure operation.

Another most common reason of transforming a domain name is the maintenance price of the domain. Some expensive providers are present in the market who are taking an unfair amount from the customer for domain maintenance. So most of the domain transferring happening from expensive service providers to pocket budget service providers like hostindia.net.

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