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web hosting service

         A hosting service is typically a server which will run your website on the internet. When we seek for a website, we start our planning from domain registration, then website design and then web hosting.

But what kind of web hosting are we using for a business?

Mostly as a business owner, we do not make that much of research about web hosting service. Markets are the full web hosting service provider and we choose them as a service provider who can be able to give a service with a good offer or discounted rates. If you are looking for a good web hosters then you can read my previous blog:

Choosing a Best Web Hosting for your Website

Well, in this article we are going to discuss different types of web hosting technology we can use for our website.

If you are looking for a free web hosting service, I am not going to discuss more free web hosting service. Basically, it is provided by some company with limited space, limited service, limited bandwidth supported by an advertising agency to promote their service or product.

  • Shared web hosting server:

Typically the name suggests, all about the hosting server. This is one server placed to host hundreds or thousands of websites, depending on its capacity. All domains connected to the server is having the same pool of sources such as RAM, CPU and processors. This is good for small websites not good for E-commerce, software updating sites, gaming sites and online buffering site. Don't have that much of flexibility of recovering data if something goes wrong and it is not so secure.

  • Reseller Web hosting service:

It is a form of web hosting service where account owner will be allocated with a specific amount of hard disk space, bandwidth to host his/her website on behalf of a service provider or third party. This kind of service taken by companies only who purchase the host's and then sell it to different website builders for profit purpose. In this kind of service, the reseller person has to purchase a tremendous size of the space of the hosting service provider and may they have own virtual server to a colocated server. Many companies purchase reseller web hosting service and provide as shared server to direct customer with their own technical support.

  • Virtual Dedicated Server/VPS:

The virtual dedicated server is also known as Virtual Private Server (VPS). Its core mechanism is splitting a server sources into different sources virtually. For this, there is no need for extra hardware, it's virtually created by some certain amount of sizes for server and allocated them to multiple websites for hosting purposes. Mainly we can save energy, hardware effort, cooling function through this VPS technology. In this case, the customer can have access and full control to its own virtual space, but not to the main server space. The VPS user will be responsible for running, maintaining and patching of the server. This is cheaper than the dedicated server.

  • Dedicated hosting service:

A Dedicated Server allows you to get root access and control on your web server. This will be your own server which has to be managed by yourself only. In this case, also the customer is totally responsible for the security, Maintenance, and all types of activity with the server as he/she will have full control of the server as well as the root folder. So you can say it is a self-managed server, but it is more expensive than VPS server.

  • Cloud hosting service:

Cloud hosting server is a newly appear and most innovative hosting platform which provides powerful, flexible and more reliable hosting service. The beauty of the service is you have to pay that much you used for your need. In upper server type, all are depending on one machine but cloud hosting server is configured with many servers. It has an easy integration as well as flexibility to update space size such as RAM. It gives less control to the user but guaranteed high-level performance without failure.

  • Managed hosting service:

In this case, the user will not get an own server and full control on the server, in the same way, you will get the root access for Linux and Windows. But in this case, a user doesn't have own server and no need to manage the server. This is the server which is not dedicated or given to the user, but it is leased to the customer. A user can manage their data through FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or other remote management tools. A dedicated server is a bit expensive, but managed hosting server is less expensive.

  • Colocation web hosting service:

In this type of hosting service user have all the physical space and all but unable to manage or don't want to take care and he relocated to a place where all different servers will take care. Simply you can say take your server to a datacenter and host it there to avoid maintenance and physical space. It is very expensive, so it is not visible and not recommendable.

These are basically most popular and most used web hosting server in the world. Apart from this three more types of hosting server are there like:

  • Clustered hosting- having multiple servers hosting the same content for better resource
  • Grid hosting- this form of distributed hosting is when a server cluster acts like a grid and is composed of multiple nodes.
  • Home server- Single machine placed in a residence used to host.

Your Checklist:-
Before you choose your web hosting plan from a hamster make sure that:
  1. The hosting plan is compatible with your needs
  2. The hosting type is cost effective
  3. Upgrading and de-upgrading is possible at any point of time
  4. Before you sign-up with a hoster make sure that his internet connectivity is good and unbeatable
  5. Try to find some reviews on the internet about the company service
  6. Check customer support service facility which is very important.
I will always be happy to hear from you, If you have any doubt you can ask by commenting below.
Thank you...

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