Thursday 19 March 2015

Why your business need blog and how to build your own website For blogging

Build your own website for blogging

     If you are still thinking about blogging for your business. Then here are some reasons to start writing a blog for your business. Also, I want to inform that blogging is a very powerful tool to interact with your customer on a regular basis ultimately it will make your customer understand your service better.

Individuals who love to write and they are writing blogs for other websites they can explode themselves with their own website for blogging. And seriously friends, this article will make you a website developer without any coding and language knowledge for your blogging purpose.

Yes, some platform like WordPress and blogger giving a free platform to showcase your desire in the form of a blogger. But if you want a personalized and well designed, owned blog site to put your writing skill, then that's what the article is about.

There is a lot of reason to have a blog for your business also and in the below line, we are going to discuss the same, so keep reading, because some time reading may be useful.

  • A blog is a very simple platform to connect with your customer timely with admissible information on a regular basis. This is a direct communication channel which allows your customer to like, share and comment on your blog for better understanding. If your blog explodes with information and ideas, then a good percentage of customers can be driven to your website through your blog.
  • Your Blog is the fuel for SEO(Search Engine Optimization). As we all know that content is the king on the internet for SEO, so your blog will provide the valuable content to make your website a better ranking in SEO.
  • Your blog will become Voice for product service of your business. It will appear with all your new product, service, offer and with timely update. A blog will give a topic to your customer for discussion through the comment and keeps your eyes open.
  • It will be fun when people suggest you different innovative ideas in comment and feedback which makes you think something different, beyond the line.
  • The blog will become a reliable source of information for any industries; which converts to sell.
  • You can confess your business brand story through the blog. Also, it is very cast effectively in prospects of marketing investment.
In the upper line, we explained how the blog is considerable for business industries. If your left hand is still rubbing your head, then hold your breath, below the line will make you a website developer without any language knowledge, like HTML, PHP and CSS.

In a simple action of instant website builder tool (Sitebuilder) with its simple to shift tool will deliver professionally designed website for your blog in a very short time and at a very reasonable cost.

Now a days multiple website builder tools are accessible from different service providers. But you need to figure out which is good for your blog. Some company offers free builder tool with domain registration and web hosting from them. So be conscious in choosing a website builder tool. Once you, complete with your domain registration and web hosting you have to go for a website builder tool. Before choosing a builder tool you need to focus on below the point.
Instant website builder tool

  1. Builder tool should have multiple template options to choose.
  2. It allows you to change main website resolution.
  3. It will develop in CSS(Cascading style sheets), which will allow your blog runs on any device like mobile, PC, Tablet and laptop.
  4. Providing an easy way to add features like PlugIns and complicated script.
  5. Should be in pocket budget.
  6. If it is providing 30 days free trial then the advantage will be considerable.
Once you choose a builder tool for blog you can start designing the website with your own style. It is so simple as Microsoft paint. You have to struggle with the tools only and in the back-end the coding and languages will be configured simultaneously. You can take help from the suite builder help portal or video which will navigate you step by step to build a great website.

With all the compatibility and feature is providing website builder tool to run your website more quickly and efficiently. Sitebuilder provides unique capabilities to a user who wants to create, publish, and maintain their websites with his own way. With it's easy to use web browser administrative tool provided and with the click of a button, your site will be online.

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