Friday 8 June 2018

How to set up Facebook for Business


If you have a small business then you not only have to provide your customers excellent service or products but you also have to promote and scale your business and much more so that your service can reach them. You have to do a lot for your business so that you can reach larger audience and potential customers. A business owner has tons of responsibility, so as a Digital Marketer or a business promoter you need to make things easier and look for areas that will help the business easily sustain customers.

Social Media has become a huge advantage for many business owners because it as a medium to create customers and a pathway of building a great connection with all the followers. Facebook is one of the social media which is popularly renowned among all people so connecting with people is way much easier. It is a great advertising tool for all the business owners to showcase their products or business. There are some rookie who are using Facebook for business for the first time so with this article you will learn as to how you can use Facebook to promote your business.

Facebook Business Page – Guide

Assuming that you already have a Facebook Profile alike billion of users on Facebook and that is all you will require for getting started. Users only need to create one profile to promote their business where people create a second profile which is not allowed. It is very convenient because it differentiates from the personal aspect of life from the business so that they don’t mix the personal life content with the business profile which could be your friend list, photos, and post with the business content. It is advisable to create a business page so that you can utilize the Facebook Advertising feature for attracting a larger audience to the page. 

Facebook also offers analytics which provides information about the behavior of the audience relating to the service or product. 

The following is the step by step guide as to how to create Facebook page:

  • Tap on the create page business that you will notice on the profile page to get started.
  • After doing that you will be seeing the different category of business and from that choose the relevant one.
  • Now choose a profile and a cover photo relevant to your business as to what services and products they are providing or you can also put a brand picture of your company (company logo). 
  • Enter your username or name of your business so that when people try to find you with a username it will become much easier to do so. After completing all the basic requirements you will then have to enter some basic details about the location of your business, nature and much more.

Tips on how to increase Facebook Likes:

As you have created a Facebook page, you need to then increase audience engagement on your page by increasing the number of Facebook Likes. There are many ways to increase likes on Facebook but below are easy ways to get started.

  • Invite your friends from the friend list to like your Facebook Business Page
  • You can create a competition or prepare some question and answer session that will allow people to take part and engage in social media which will encourage people to like your page.
  • On your Website itself, you can add Facebook Icon where the visitors can be redirected to your Facebook Business Page when they click that Facebook Icon.
  • Facebook Advertising can be used for a campaign to target new audiences. 
  • Creating content is the best way to reconnect with the people so create contents that people would want to read and share with others. This way more and more people will come and like your page.
  • You can also create Facebook Group which is relevant to your business and you can then use it to promote your business and Facebook Page. 

Converting Facebook Followers into Clients:

If you have a higher number of Facebook Likes then you can convert your Facebook fan into clients which will make your business more profitable. You have to turn your Facebook Page Followers into your business clients by getting them out of Facebook and into your website, cafe, restaurant or store. There are no special tricks but there are simple ways where you can do so by steadily and smartly like a salesman pitching your ideas about your service or product. 

  • You can give a special discount when people like your page so when they do that then Facebook immediately DMs them by sending special discount code where they can avail them on your business website.
  • Creating Videos and sharing them on Facebook can be a great way to engage the audience on your page. You can give a description of your product and the benefits that the customers will receive from it. People generally get attracted to the visual contents so you can try your luck here. You can use the latest Facebook Live features to reach out to people and explain them about your business or latest offers that you are offering. You can also create tutorial videos if your business is in any technical niche that will require some example or guide to be shown as to how to operate particular software or any hardware. 
  • You can also create a list of email out of your Facebook fans and you can send them your latest products or offers details via mail. 
  • Offering special offers on Facebook especially for your fan base is a great way to profit from social media. It will convert most of the Facebook fans into clients. 

Facebook is offering Advertisement tools to promote your business which is becoming very popular because it reaches a large number of audience. You can use this feature to your advantage to creating more customers. Create Contents so that the viewers get attracted to it and dedication should be put forth to maintain Facebook profile by posting daily photos, videos or post. 

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