Saturday 2 June 2018

What is meant by Data Center in Web Hosting?

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Web Hosting is where you store web page files in the compute which is known as a server that is connected permanently to the Internet through a network connection and it is placed at a secure Data center facility.  The computer is called Server because it serves web pages from the storage when people visit the website. The Web Hosting includes the cost of the space that is required for hosting the web files, providing email service and network traffic to and from the Server (bandwidth). 

Data Centre – Meaning:

The Server that is placed at a secured facility is called a Data Centre. Data is a treasured asset which is essential to safeguard at all times. Therefore data center is secured from physical and also from policy-based perspective. The Data Centre makes sure that the server is at the optimal operating condition when it comes to power, humidity and temperature aspect. 

The Demand for Data Centre grew from 1997 to 2000 when companies required fast Internet connectivity and 24/7 operation to deploy systems and to develop a presence on the Internet. Earlier Small Companies installing such equipment was not a valid choice for the smaller companies because of the cost and experts required to operate Servers. Companies started building large facilities called Internet Data Centres that offers commercials with a variety of solutions for system operation and deployment.

Data Centres that are required for cloud computing are called cloud data centers but now the term is not so much used as before and now it is just simply called data center. 

Need for Modern Data Centres:

Information Technology is an essential part of the most of the organizational operation around the world. The main concern that many face is the business continuity so companies depend on their information system to run their day to day operations. If the system becomes unavailable then the company operation will be stopped. Thus it is essential to offer a reliable infrastructure for Information Technology operation so that they can reduce the chances of any damage or disruption. 

Information Security is also one of the main concerns so data center provides a secure environment that reduces the chances of a security breach. Therefore the Data Center should meet the high standards of security, scalability, availability and much more for assuring the functionality and integrity of the hosted computing environment. Data Center needs to keep up with data maintenance and keeping check of the proper functioning of power systems and mechanical cooling. 

Environment Control Aspect:

The data center’s physical environment should be always supervised by installing an Air Conditioner to control the humidity and temperature in the Data Center. For Data Center the environment temperature should range from 18 to 27 degree Celsius which is 64 to 81 degree Fahrenheit where humidity should be of 60% from 40 percent to 60 percent for Datacenter Environments. 

The temperature in the data center rises because of the electrical power emits heat in the air which will increase the temperature and if the temperature is not controlled then it will lead to Equipment Malfunction. The humidity also has to be controlled by the cooling the space air but if the humidity is not controlled then water will condense on internal components. If the humidity is dry then the humidification system adds water vapor if the humidity is low but if not taken immediate control then it will lead to static electricity discharge problems which will spoil the equipment. 

Data Center is mainly used to operate IT system application that manages the core business and operational data of the organization. It also provides another service other than just operations of the architecture. 

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