Friday 29 June 2018

What is a Reseller Hosting? Guide to Becoming a Reseller hosting!

reseller hosting

People who already have clients from businesses like web developer, web designer or any other web professional can become a hosting Reseller. Anyone can become a Hosting Reseller by setting up a web hosting business or can add hosting services as the value-added service provided by the business. Setting up web hosting business is not expensive and it is not also a difficult process so if anyone interested in this business can opt for this. 

The best part of this business as that you grow your business you will be getting a recurring revenue stream monthly basis or yearly basis.

You must be wondering that now you have to buy a hardware, set it up and keep it safe and provisioning it with a high-speed internet connection. But if you don’t want all this procedure then you can also opt for companies who provide Reseller Hosting plans. It is a low-cost way to enter and it has a low ongoing cost. There is recurring monthly and annual revenue that you can gain through this plan.

When it comes to providing the client with shared hosting versus reseller hosting there are pro and cons to both of the side but Reseller Hosting is been always the best choice. It is very important for the client to have the control over the server which is not possible through shared hosting. So for the client to have an independent server they should have a control panel with their own username and password and when they try to log in only their details should show up and no one else. 

When the client has the control then it results in customer satisfaction where they client can manage the server which will also create a great relationship with the customer because they won’t be any chance where they have to wait for you to get back to them. So with this, you have to do less administration and you will more free time in building better relationships with your clients.

Reseller Account gets a huge amount of disk space and bandwidth where you can resell them to your clients. You can create your own hosting plans where you can also provide services accordingly. A Reseller hosting can provide services such as Diskspace, Bandwidth, Email accounts, FTP accounts, Addon Domains, Parked Domain, Databases and Email List.

If there is a client who has a basic website and doesn’t require a database then you can generate a basic plan without that function and charge accordingly. But on the other hand, clients who have an E-Commerce website that need a database should be provided service with that feature. So this won’t you cost a penny but you have made an upgrade option which will incur extra revenue. 

Reseller plan has a White label feature so the time when you will start providing service, you will be then known as the Hosting Company.


How to get started with Hosting Reseller?

First, select the Hosting Plan but if you are doing this for the first time then choose the Entry Reseller Plan. This can be upgraded anytime instantly and automatically. When the account is activated you will receive a welcome email all the details like password and username and link to the main Reseller Control Panel. Reseller Control Panel is also known as WHM and it is the top level administration control panel. 

Login to the WHM and then start configuring it by creating packages and features that will be presented to the clients. So once you have the cPanel set up, you will save a lot of time because all the features, permissions, and limits will be all predefined so you don’t have to waste any time to configure the settings every time you create an account. If in future you want to change the settings or the packages then you can do it anytime. When you have created all the plans you need to just add new client by just providing the client's domain name, username, password, and Email.

Reseller should provide the First Line support for the clients. Day to Day issues should be resolved and he/she resolve any doubts or queries. The reseller hosting will be provided with background support if there are any issues with the reseller plans that they have purchased from. There are hosting companies who provide 2/ 7 technical support but for your customers, you have to provide the First line support.

There is a lot of competition out there and it depends how you will provide the service to your customers but it is recommended to choose a host who provides excellent service, price, and infrastructure. 

When your host will provide you the best reseller plans with excellent overall infrastructure and performance then only you will be able to provide excellent service to your customers so it’s better to do a whole background search of the web hosting company so that there won’t be any problem in the future.

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