Saturday 23 June 2018

Benefits of cPanel hosting for your Website

cPanel hosting

cPanel is a Control panel that manages the hosting service and most of hosting company provide this service. Non-Technical People can leverage from this because they can utilize all aspects of their hosting without any requirement for advanced technical skills. People use cPanel for day to day task such as for administering and managing their email. With cPanel you can create email accounts, setting up mail forwarders and resetting passwords which are very convenient to use.

cPanel Hosting allows you to set up domain parking where one domain can be redirected to another domain name or add-on domain where multiple domain names can be hosted under one hosting account. cPanel supports MySQL, Apache, PostgreSQL, PHP, BIND and Perl applications. It also supports Email that includes SMTP, POP3 and IMAP services. Once the cPanel is installed it is then difficult to remove. By reformatting the software then only you can uninstall the software but uninstall guide are only available online for expert server administrators who don’t want to reformat their server. 

Benefits of cPanel Hosting:-

cPanel is mainly popular for shared hosting services and for day to day administration activities for Dedicated Servers and Virtual Private Server. It is designed either to function as a Virtual Private Server or Dedicated Server

Easy Installation:

You can easily install cPanel where you only need the Linux system requirement of a minimum of 20 GB disk space available and 512 RAM. Now computers can easily handle this requirement because of the technology advancement. cPanel is very user-friendly so it won’t be difficult to use for the users because of its excellent graphical interface. Users can manage their task with just a few clicks where the task can be ranging from calculation disk space, regular backups, site maintenance and searching for web directories. cPanel is easy to the user so you don’t need to hire a system administrator so you can save up on labor expenses and you can also minimize system administrator workload. This helps the website owners to focus on other operation instead of focusing on day to day activities. 


Once the cPanel identifies any fail service at the very same moment it automatically logs off and restarts the service. The new updated version has DNS clustering system that delivers more hassle-free and robust performance. 

Access various features:

With cPanel functions and features enables users to manage their hosting accounts and website conveniently. You can use Email management Function, set up email accounts, managing DNS records, setting up databases, anti-virus, and anti-fraud features. 


You can transfer your website from one hosting company to another without facing any technical problem so cPanel is rewarded to be very portable with movability feature. 


cPanel is compatible with any browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla, Safari and much more. The users can operate cPanel without any problem on any browser. 

Cost Effective:

cPanel licenses don't cost much and there are some hosting company that pays for your license if you are on shared hosting.

Popular among the Industry:

Many businesses use cPanel hosting for their website which is pretty much Industry standard Control Panel for Linux hosting. 


cPanel Hosting can be used for Dedicated Servers, Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Server and Reseller Hosting. 

cPanel has various features available but if you are not the premium user then only small selection of features will be available to you. cPanel delivers front ends for many common operations such as FTP account, PGP keys, mailing list and crontab tasks. You have to pay a fee for using auto installers like Fantastico, Installatron, WHMSonic, and Softwaculous. It also manages software’s other than the operating system such as upgrading applications such as FTP, PHP, MySQL, Apache and Exim and other related software packages. 

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