Wednesday 6 June 2018

Google G Suite Users will have to make a switch to the new Gmail compulsory by October 2018

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Most of the Google G Suite users are not completely ready to accept the new change Google has made to its design. But unfortunately they are running out of time so they have to make a switch as early as possible. 

In the Google Blog Post, Google disclosed that they will be allowing their administrators to start transferring their team over the next month. G Suite is a Google’s business line of software that helps teams in the organization to collaborate with each other in a more efficient way.

The Gmail update about the new design template will be optional till the month of September but in the month of October, Google will make it compulsory for everyone to make a switch to the new design and the opt-out button will be no longer available. Basically, all the G Suite users will be forced to make a switch to the new design in October with no opt-out option. 

Google had announced the updated version of Gmail in April 2018. This is the first major update to the Gmail for a long span of time that is loaded with many features which includes AL generate contextual replies that delivers Smart Replies and it also shows attachments in the mail right in the inbox so that you don’t have to open a mail just to see what’s attached in the mail. 

Now the G Suite administrators can use the Gmail in their own web domain rather than Google’s in spite of G Suite being the Google Services. The new Gmail design has a fresh and clean look for the Gmail on the web which makes it easier to be accessible and you can easily use other Google Services. 

They are also implementing native offline support for the Google users which will be part of Gmail on the web by June. Gmail users can also “snooze” emails so that they can reappear later at a configured time. 

With so many features added to the Gmail, it indicates that Google is trying to make its services more user-friendly and they are using more of a modern approach to help the customers and users to use their services more efficiently.  Many business and organization use Gmail for corresponding with their clients, teammates, employees, and staff. Now G Suite is also making it users to compulsory implement the change by making the switch to the new design provided by the Google Services “Gmail” by this October. It makes sense to make the switch now so that you can easily get adapted to its new features. 

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