Monday 25 June 2018

What is good for my business Website, SEO or PPC?


As you have a business you need to put efforts and have a strategic plan in attracting more and more customers to your business to create more sales and profit. Now there are  two modes that is traditional mode and online mode of attracting customers but in today’s time, Online Marketing has become essential component for retaining and creation of new customers. 

You may know that Search Engine Optimization is a process of gaining new visitors and  providing quality traffic to the website via organic search engine results. On the other hand Pay per Click is where you have to pay for the traffic when someone clicks on your website that shows up in the Advertisement Section at the top of the Google Search Result. 

There are many types of Pay Per Click mediums but the most used is Google Adwords, Facebook Adds, Linked Sponsored and there are many different types of other social media platforms that offer PPC. But in this Article, we will be talking most and foremost about the Google Adwords because that is the most common type. 

SEO need Effort and Commitment:-

Many think that Search Engine Optimization is a free and convenient way of pulling traffic to your website but it isn’t so true. You may need to hire a skilled Digital Marketer who will make sure that your Website is SEO optimized so any way you have to spend your time and money. SEO isn’t as free as it sounds you will need to put your time and effort to see the visible results. It will take a certain time for you to see results because there are others who are competing to come first in the Google Search Result. 

SEO is Long-term Plan:

Creating content on the website is the best way to get organic traffic via Search Engine Optimization but it isn’t so easy to do it in the short period of time. There are many people who think that by only providing two content once in Six months will do the magic. SEO takes time so thus it is a long-term strategy but the rewards are far more satisfying. With SEO you don’t have to continuously monitor, you just need to create the content and it will work for you in time. It’s like doing an upfront investment but after some time you will get a reward for a period of a long time so this is same with the content. 

Pay Per Click Regular Monitoring and Investment:

You need to invest upfront cash for Pay Per Click from day one. You will first need to set up an Ad Campaign and then you will be sending traffic to your website where the orders will start flowing into your business. So you will be paying cash for the leads that you are getting through it. Google itself is promoting such technique because if you see the Google Search Pages you will notice that there are many advertisements. Earlier there used to be only three at the top but slowly the number is increasing and the people who use the SEO technique are getting squeezed out. Just like SEO you will also need a skill or hire an expert on how to use PPC so that you don't waste your money by getting nothing in return. 

Advantages of SEO:

With Search Engine Optimization, it is a long-term plan so it is not like the plan that you just plug it in and it will work immediately. SEO is a long-term strategy so it’s more recommended for lower competitive industries. If you are not much in the competitive arena then you need not put much effort into making your website SEO optimized. If you are a local business then you don’t need to make a lot of efforts to make your website SEO optimized because it is not so competitive so you don’t have to do much for high ranking. 

Your content will be doing all the work for you for Search Engine Optimization so you will be getting a continuous flow of traffic. If you do a great job then only, your content will be providing you a good amount of website traffic. 

Advantages of PPC:

With Pay Per click you will get an instant traffic and if you do it right then you will definitely get traffic. You can get tons of lead if it is set up correctly and great advantage about this is that you get people to do anything like downloading a report or contact you or you tell them to do certain activities such as downloading a specific software or writing a review or anything. 

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