Thursday, 6 September 2018

Does hosting location can affect your SEO OUTCOME?

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Do you know that once the page loads the visitor forms an opinion in just .05 seconds? So if you have a website that loads slower than the standard rate of loading time then you will be judged sharply by your user. It is also observed that the user will leave the website if the website fails to offer content within 10 seconds of the time frame. You must be now getting the idea that how impatient viewers are now and the levels of expectation that has risen of the people. 

Here’s more to understand how a slow loading website can affect your traffic flow. According to the data gathered by research, it is been confirmed that if there is any single delay in the website loading time, it can result in a 7% loss of the conversion. And if the website takes more than 3 seconds to load then 40% of the web users will move on to the next site in just milliseconds.  

Localized Web Hosting Speed:

Now coming to the main point that does a hosting location affect the website SEO and the answer to that is a big YES! When someone visits a website the information is passed from the data server to the user via the Internet. Now how long it takes to pass the information from the data server to the user depends on the location of the data server and the speed of the Internet connection. 

There are many networks that are using fiber-optic cables that transfer data at the speed of light so the users will only have to experience 10 milliseconds of delay which is a standard loading time. 

The time that it takes the server to receive the request from the visitor and then send the information to the receiver determines the distance of the server from the location of the user. The latency of the network or server performance determines the loading time of the page. 

Does the website SEO get affected because of the location of the Server?

The server location does not directly affect the SEO of the website but choosing a web host that is nearby the user location is always recommended. If the server is near to the user location then the information will be sent at a much faster speed. User having a fast access to the website is always a plus point for the website owners because there will be fewer chances for the website to the abandoned by the users. When data has to travel less distance with less resistance those websites will have a faster response time and low latency.

The loading time can impact your SEO, even Google has made it clear that the website’s ranking will be determined by the loading time. You need to make sure that your website is overall well optimized instead of just focusing on certain elements because you don’t need your website to be disappointed at other aspects your website lack in. 

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