Friday 29 September 2017 Launches Affordable Cloud Hosting (Managed AWS) service in India.

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Before we drive into cloud hosting let's understand what is web hosting.
What is Web hosting Service?

Web Hosting is an Internet Service where your website can be available for the people to view your content, videos, images and etc. A Web hosting service provider serves storage space which is needed for storing and transferring the data. The storage is done on high-powered computers with ample of data storage space which is connected to a fast network. By the help of web hosting your files such as video, image and web pages will be accessed by anyone from any part of the location by typing your website URL or unique IP address.

The Web Server which is holding your website files gets triggered when someone types the name of the website and then it will swiftly transfer the website information back to their mobile or a computer. For a website, a web hosting service is very important so that it can generate viewers and avoid delay of latency.

Normally, we use shared hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting to host any website. Cloud hosting is the latest web hosting technology coming on demand for its easy and fast accessibility. Not only this cloud hosting has tons of features for which it is getting popular. The secure server, zero changes of data damage, scalability and upgrade and upgrade without any hardware changes.

Hostindia.Net is a professional Web Hosting Company that provides a better solution to your Business Website with Amazon Web Server which will help increase the performance of delivering information and increases the growth of the business.

The benefits of Web Hosting Service:-

1.    Reliable solution:-

With the help of Web Hosting, you will be getting a consistent and dependable online presence with a feature of automatic backup and restoration of the data. With help of our highly dedicated and well trained professionals, we suggest you the best solutions.

2.     24/7 Customer Support:-

You will be getting a 24/7 Web hosting Customer Support which is very crucial for the business. When something is wrong it is better to consult the expert to get the perfect solution to solve the problem so that you don’t incur more loss.

3.   Perfectly Secure:-
When a website comes for security we may be very conscious for the same. Hosted with cloud will give you the maximum security assurance as it has its own firewall systems. Not only it's about your website hosting but also to access a cloud hosted website you should have an authorized internet connection. Application developed for internet is totally secure only on cloud hosting. Hosted in cloud server will say bye bye to spammers and hackers.

4.    Get the perfect control of your Website:-

When you have a professional web hosting you will have a complete access to the functions of your website but if you opt for a third party service or a free service then you will have limited access towards the customization and functioning of a website.

5.    Provides Domain and Email:-

You will be provided with a Domain by a Professional Web hosting Company which will allow the business to build a unique and permanent brand. On the other hand, a free web hosting will provide a sub domain which will rob the brand of the business by advertising it as a website of the free service. You can also create a personalized email and email campaigns that can introduce the clients to the online business platform.

6.    Design and customization:-

When your website is professionally hosted you will get an unrestricted access to customization, designing your website and the supporting technologies.  You can design the layout using a different platform for their business

7.    Unlimited amount of space:-

You will have an unlimited amount of space to store your data by hosting your website which will give you a lot of flexibility and it will also adjust the growth of the traffic.

8.    SEO Services:-
When you host your website there are some companies that will provide professional SEO services which will progress your website on the search engine result rankings. This will give your business the ability to optimize its performance over the long run.

Hostindia Provides the best and low cost hosting plans for all scales of business for the Indian market. You can contact to hostindia expert with your business requirement.

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