Saturday 11 July 2015

.IN Domain Registration and Its Importance.

.in domain extension

When you need a website you have to come across few steps to get a live website. Such as Domain Registration, Website Building and Web Hosting. If you analyse closely then you may find domain registration will be your first step to having a website. Also, choosing a correct domain name with correct domain extension is very important for every website to make to more user friendly and search visibility website.

If you are looking for a website, particularly targeting an Indian audience or want to spread your business wing in India then this article will suggest you go for .in or domain extension. If you are targeting worldwide people then .com domain will do better than other. Now we are going to Focus few point below which will explain the importance of .in domain extension for the Indian market.

Before that let's understand what is a domain name?
Basically, a domain name is a unique identity on the internet of an owner. It will give an address to your website in the cyberspace. Having a domain name will give you the same feeling of owning a home or flat of yours.

Your domain name will become your website identity, like a business card of your business. A business owner can purchase the same domain name with multiple domain extension something like you had created the same business card with multiple colors with some evolutionary design.

We all know the first impression is The last impression so having a good and impressive domain name will become your first impression. Also, your domain name will tell the nature of the website. You can't forget SEO while selecting a domain name as it is an essential part of every website.
Our previous blog “How to choose an ideal Domain Name” will give you a broad idea about a good domain selection.

.IN domain is top level domain extension in India country code level. This .IN domain extension operation created in 2004 by INRegistry to NIXI(National Internet Exchange of India).

Let's understand the importance of .in domain for the Indian market.
Your domain extension will indicate its geographical location- .in, and all .in extension broadly used in India. If you will register a domain with .in domain extension, then its domain name server will be located in India. All the .in domain extension was controlled and distributed by NIXI which is totally an India government organisation.

Help you with Local SEO-In prospects of SEO also you will get advantages if you are targeting Indian users. Your domain name will be more catchy through the search engine spider and more visible to Indian users. A .in domain extension will build up a credibility between customer and website. If you have a physical store as well as a website then you can appear in the local search engine also.
If you are having .in domain extension and India based web hosting then your site will take less time to load.

User trust Factor- .in domain extension can build-up a trust factor between Indian user. As it is approved by Indian Government. Simply, if we want to purchase something from the market, then we want a brand or some approved logo on the product. Suppose we want to purchase some electrical equipment, then we must look for ISI logo to make sure that the product is ISI approved. The .in domain name creates and builds a distinct Indian identity for brands, companies and individuals in the internet world.

Simple to register and Indian government approved- .IN domain is carrying the top level domain extension in India. It is a unique symbol of India, which rolled all over the world. It has a very simple documentation formality with easy registration option with fast and reliable technology.

Proper domain extension with .IN extension- if you are planning for a website which deals with web development services, then you can extend your domain with In the same way you have the flexibility to choose a proper domain extension suitable to your business. Some of the .in domain extension are given:-,,,,,,, and etc.

It is highly recommended for everybody to understand the importance of .IN domain extension and get your own .in domain extension. If you are purchasing a .in domain also you can purchase the same domain with different domain extensions such as .com, .org, .biz, .net and much more according to your need. is a 16 year old company have tie up with NIXI and providing all types of .IN domain variation with an affordable price. It is providing an easy registration facility with fewer renewal charges from other service providers in the industries.
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