Wednesday 10 January 2018

How to Improve Local SEO strategy to Boost Traffic

In this era, everyone is trying different and smart strategies to boost their sales and profit in their business. In fact, there are hundreds of ways where you can achieve this goal and the most popular strategy is online marketing. Many have tried and have achieved a great outcome out of it. Many business moguls know that if they have to come first in the race then they have to use the strategy that is currently trending.

Are you facing problem with your business relating to marketing? Is there some other entity trying to outdo you by beating you at Local SEO ranking? I am sure that everyone is facing this problem because every minute people are trying to improve their strategy and deserving the Google Rank Stage. The first 3 websites in the Google Rank Search gets huge chunk of traffic and the rest of the following get only crumbles. Well that’s online World!

Don’t worry because there is always a way out and as you have taken the first step in finding ways to boost your traffic that means you are already in the game. In this article, I will be providing you some points on how to improve the Local SEO.

Setting up and Optimising Process:-

First set up the main local listing such Yahoo Local, Google My Business and Bing Place for Business. It is very essential and it simple to understand because you don’t need any expert skills to do this. Fill all the necessary details required and also include a detailed description utilizing the keywords that frequently searched on. You can take help of Google keyword planner tool t find the most searching and your business related keyword. It is recommended to add photos and videos but try not to include flash. You have to attract customers and not bore them.

Local Reviews:-

According to the research, the website that has the higher amount of reviews is considered more trustworthy compared to the website that has got none. If you have business and website then encourage your customer to provide some reviews of the services that you have provided them. In this way, many visitors will find your website more legit and ultimately you will get more visitors and traffic. Now don’t go overboard with getting 100 reviews in a week because it will look unnatural and Google will penalize your website. If you get few reviews in a month is also fine so steadily work this strategy.

NAP Citations:-

Now there are many reputable local listing websites where you can list your website in and Google tends to trust such sites more. It is very convenient also to get listed. You have to enter your details such as Name, Address, and Contact. Almost most of the website provides free listing but there is some website you will be charged a fee for more enhanced features. You should get your website listed and then link it back to your website.

Specific Directories:-

It is beneficial to get listed in such a directory where it is more specific as to what industry and service you are into. The Google will then provide relevant websites according to the visitor’s demand where it will showcase your website indicating that you are related to this particular sector. This will improve your chances in Google Ranking which will ultimately send you strong links back to you.

Particular Service Pages:-

So many websites list all their services on one page and it really becomes too common and less distinctive. A website that has different pages for different services tends to get preferred more by Google because Google prefers the pages that are more precise to the service that the person is looking for. A Website that is providing all the service on one page makes the content look too crowded and less unique.

Relevant and Quality Content:-

It is very important to market your website through content so make sure your content is according to the marketing standards. Google prefers content those are unique and lengthy content. Your content should be 500 words minimum and 1000 words plus because Google prefers content which detailed informative content. Now you must be worried by thinking from where you are going to get so much content from. Worry not, just create one content in a week more than 1000 words with informative detailed content and that will be enough to reach the audience.

Page Optimization:-

In Page Optimization, you aim at optimizing your pages of your website at its best. Now you should first select a keyword that is relevant to your website. Then generate meta tags for each page on your website and make sure that you put an appropriate and relevant page title and meta description. Add the keywords to the URL of the page and then add a keyword to the Heading of each page. This will make your website look more organized and well stacked instead of a messy website.

HTTPS Hosting:-

The loading time of the website and security makes a huge difference in the Google Ranking so choose a host that will provide security and facilitate great speed. You can also install security shield on your website that will notify you of any threats on your website and it will help you in eradicating the virus. Solid State Drive hosting is also a great choice to host your website where there is no traditional hard drive so your website in an electronic storage. This will increase the speed and the agility of the website.

Local SEO is not so hard to achieve because it is a very realistic goal where you can easily achieve it if you follow the points that are mentioned below. Nothing comes easy so you should put little effort every day and you will start seeing results in no time. Just have patience in terms of getting reviews and citation because it should look more natural and less desperate. Create Blogs so that the people are more attracted to your website and you can ultimately make them your followers and customers. Try using Video and Pictures because that will do magic on your website because it makes your overall website very informative and engaging.

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