Saturday 13 January 2018

G-Suite introduces Search within the folders and also added additional support for Braille Displays.

Google G Suite Office Application has now added a new set of features that will guarantee user experience much more enhanced and flexible. With the new update comes up with improved accessibility options for Drawings, Slides and Google Sheets. The users can use the Screen Magnifier with Slides, Drawings, Sheets, and Docs on Chrome Operating System Devices and on Mac Operating System.

You can now also search the files, picture, videos and documents of a Sub-Folder in Google Drive. This can be done conveniently from the drop-down menu in the search bar and you can select the folder from the Location menu or you can also tap into a folder and search within that folder. But folders which are on the My Drive or within the Team Drives can be searched but if a folder is shared then it has to be added on MyDrive.

Support for Braille Displays:

 The People with the Braille Displays can now use the Google Sheets. Earlier the users who have Braille Displays were only limited to the support to Google Docs, Drawings and Slides. But now you can utilise the Braille Display to read and edit the contents of cells and the cells in the sheet can be navigated. Now Braille support in the Sheets is now only available on Chrome Operating System with the ChromeVox Screen Reader. Now Google is now working on to improve and add support for various platforms and screen readers. This significant support for the Braille Displays is a huge advantage for visually impaired users.
G Suite is a hugely popular platform that benefits the IT organisation and also worldwide users that need tools to aid them to simplify and make the process more flexible. G Suite offers free tools such Google Drive, Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts, Google+, Documents, Forms, Slides and Sheets. It provides various features and functionality that will simplify the work related to documents, storage and re-creation of the sheets. Now Google has also included Whiteboard Jam board to make work more exciting and productive. The G Suite Administers can customise their security and privacy setting that provides an added advantage and boost usage of this interactive tool. The best thing about this online Google Tools is that you won’t be seeing any advertisements because the G Suite accounts don’t get utilised for the advertisement purposes.

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