Tuesday 30 January 2018

How Video Marketing can Skyrocket your Business Website.

Currently, Video Marketing Trend isn’t so strong but it will be in over the years according to Cisco by estimating that 80 percent of the consumer internet traffic in 2021 will be lead by Video. So are you choosing Video Marketing as your main strategy in attracting consumers to your Business Website?
Do you know that YouTube is the Second biggest Search engine after Google Search and it is the world 3rd most visited Site on the Web? So it is now time for the Video Marketing to rock in the online marketing world.

In this article, you will be learning as to how to attract major traffic through Video Marketing.

Why is Video Marketing a great strategy for attracting consumer internet traffic?

Brand Awareness:

It is observed that video alone can increase purchase and the brand awareness which ultimately increases sales by almost 100 percent. So like this many people will know about you and will buy more products or services from you. Many Startups aim at spreading brand awareness among its potential consumers because it is a long-term strategy and it helps in a long run of the company.

Why don’t Do Business opt for Video Marketing?

Expensive Means of Online Marketing:

Normally many people find video marketing very costly means of attracting customers but who said that for video marketing you need to have a professional video crew with sound, lighting and editing to just get a simple video. You can even make your video with just a Smartphone or digital camera, microphone, trip and video editing software or you can simply hire a freelance videographer which can help you edit all together. 

“Video Marketing is not so important”:

Well, you will be noticed in some years that over 80 percent of the consumer will be driven by video marketing. Consumers relate to the video and pay more attention to it compare to any other means of marketing tricks.

“Clients don’t spend their time to watch a video”:

According to the Forbes over 70 percent of the executive watch business-related video every week. So you have got a proof right here that there are higher chances of most of the business executive coming across your video.

“Complicated at times”:

There are many video making software applications on mobile and there is also much software where a person with no experience in video making can learn to operate it. You can just capture a video with your smartphone and then you can edit it out simply on the phone with a step to step guide on how to do it. 

Guide on ways to use Video Marketing Tools and Strategy:

Screen Capture:

You can create great videos with Screen Capture Software when you want to demonstrate on to show a software work or you can showcase particular technique to your customers. You can also answer FAQs which will educate your follower or viewers about your service that you are offering. 


The slideshow is another great way of the engaging consumer of what product or services you are offering or giving some FYI about anything particular. There are some businesses that have interest in slides to explain their nature of the business. You can use a Screen Capture Software and record presentation to present it to your consumers. 


Now there are so many Blog Post who provide loads of content but no videos. This usually bore many visitors and you often find yourself handed with only 1 percent of the customers from the total views of the post. This is because the viewers aren’t so impressed with your way of selling to the consumers so add some videos to your blogs so that your blog becomes more interesting.

Unboxing Videos:

Unboxing Video is really very eye-catching and many viewers love such a video because it is very hypnotic. It is very easy to make and if you are consumer Product Company then this will be the best video marketing strategy for you. 

Whiteboard Videos:

Whiteboard Videos is a bold way of representing your product or services to the consumer. Many businesses don’t adapt Whiteboard videos because of the camera shy but many don’t use it so this will be your opportunity to reach your voice to millions of consumers out there. 

Let your Team get involved:

When your team gets involved it will help them and also you. Your team members can explain or answer questions better to your audience so it is preferred that your technical team member gets involved in explaining and answering FAQs. 

Video Testimonial by Consumers:

Your Consumers itself can drive more consumer via Video Testimonial as how they are satisfied with your service or product. A Product review is Golden Goose Egg for any business because it builds more trust among potential consumers in the future.
You can easily develop a video with just a Smartphone and couple of video editing software. At the first, you will find it as a hard work but the number of consumers that you will be generating you will be astonished so just put some effort to create those and showcase them to your audience and you will automatically see your videos doing magic in attracting many consumers to your web page.

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