Friday 19 January 2018

How Twitter can help local Business to Increase Growth!

Twitter is not only for celebrity presence but it is even very beneficial for businesses to increase their sales and profit. If you use twitter correctly then it will be a great source of income for your business. If you want a guide on how to use Twitter effectively then below here some points that will simply show how to use Twitter for your business.

You must have known the importance of social media in this era on how you can find the potential customers, build authority online and promoting the brand. Big companies and Business have dedicated social media team but it isn’t the same for the local and small business. It becomes difficult to handle and manage their twitter account because they don’t the right way to reach people. So in this article, you will be learning the correct way to handle twitter.

1. First, create your Twitter account and choose a name that is relevant to your brand. You can also add your name that will be recognized as the brand name. Twitter can also help you out in choosing your name by giving a suggestion.

2. Enter all the profile details as the name, email id, location, birth date, website name and much more. You can add the header photo as a picture of your shop or a logo name picture. Add a profile picture so that your business account becomes more specific so that it becomes easier for the business Give a Bio about your business as in what services and products you'll provide.

3. Make sure that you set a Social Media Policy so that your usage with twitter becomes comfortable and so that you don’t have to face any problems in the future. There are many companies who have fallen into big loss just because of bad PR when the tweet goes viral. The guidelines should be read and followed so that your twitter account doesn’t get suspended.

4. When you set up the twitter account make sure that you assign a person to handle the Twitter account by the sole person so that it doesn’t lead to any confusion. If the twitter is handled by many people then it will be difficult for the audience to connect because different people have different style and tones.

5. Now as you have a twitter account so makes sure that you don’t just leave it hanging because then your account will be noted as inactive. Post relevant topics to your business and brand so that people who are interested in that particular niche will be an active follower. Having an active follower to your social media is always beneficial because they will always be there for you and help you also by sharing your account with others.

6. If you have a company blog then link it to the social media accounts by sharing stuff directly from blog to the social media accounts. When you are sharing stuff from the blog then the people will also be visiting your website so you, in fact, making a chain and redirecting people to your website.

7. If you are starting your twitter account then for few weeks just keep on posting relevant post and after some time see statistics about the behaviour and movement of your audience. You can actually set a time as to when to post so that the maximum amount of audience can view your post. There are many tools in the market that can help you find the exact and precise statistics or you can check from the twitter itself to see when your audience are most likely to be active.

8. There is also another way of increasing your followers by following some people because they tend to follow back. Follow the right people that are interested in or who are in the same industry as you are. When you will be doing this you will be not only increasing your followers but also you will get exposure as to what others are people also are strategies to increase their brand awareness.

9. The hashtag is the biggest trend going on in the social media account where even the most famous people are using to get their word out. Use a relevant hashtag so that the right audience get attracted to you. It will also help you to increase your followers and get likes and engagement on your post.

These following points that I have mentioned above will help you in getting more followers and also will help you get more customers. Just make sure that you be careful in posting articles that are relevant and appropriate and also make sure that you add relevant hashtag because using irrelevant hashtag may cost you.

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