Tuesday 2 January 2018

The Ultimate Guide to Register Domain Which Actually Build Brand and Drive Business.

People generally want an online presence and so they buy a domain and hosting. But is it the sole thing that one should consider before buying a domain name? My answer is Capital NO, particularly if you want your domain to be a big brand and drive business. How could someone buy a domain without considering the factors that help building a brand? I think nobody wants to do that, but the reason behind buying a bad domain name is having no proper knowledge of how domain helps growthe brand and business. If you are going to buy a domain, wait here and read the complete tips that are really useful for you to build the brand and increase traffic and drive business.

Your Name: Who doesn’t like to be popular? Do you! Everyone wants to make their own name in this society and here is the best way to make your name a brand and drive business. Just buy the domain name with your ‘NAME’ as it creates trust in you and helps you build a brand for your business. Everyone prefers .com domain if the business is international wide. But you can buy a domain with .in, .org, or .net extension.

Company Name/Field Name: If you want your company name to be a brand, buy your domain with your company name or the field name. If your company name is xyz, then buy the domain xyz.com or if your website is related to shoes, then you can buy something like shoesonline.com.

Extensions: A person who has minimum knowledge on digital marketing knows ‘.com’ extension is the best for your business but you can buy the domain with the country extensions if you want to brand your business in the particular country. For example, if you want to grow your business in India, buying domain with ‘.in’ extension helps you.

Hyphens: Hyphens are not really good for your domain name. It is okay to add a hyphen to inner pages for making the URL SEO-friendly but if you do it for your domain itself, it effects your ranking and really bad for your business.

Exact Match Domain: Better avoid! As per the Google updates, you will get penalized if you use exact match domain for your website with poor content.

No Numbers: Avoiding numbers in your domain is a better idea as if someone wants to refer your website to their friends, they may confuse the number is numerical or words which cause loss of some traffic to your website. Also, choosing numbers in your domain is not user-friendly and SEO-friendly.

Misspelled Words: A misspelled word or letter in the domain is the biggest mistake one shouldn’t do to their website. People if don’t find their interested domain, they will choose the domain name by changing one or two letters in that domain like ‘Cars’ and ‘Carz’. It is better to avoid intentionally misspelling the words in a domain.

Small and Easy words: We all know small and easy words are catchy and easy to remember. But finding a three or four letter word is almost impossible. Spending enough time for getting a small and catchy domain name is required, although if you don’t find a small word for your domain, there are many ways that benefit your business.

Combining Words: Combining words to make a better domain name is not really a bad idea. But the words you are combining must be related to each other and catchy. Also remember, sometimes the meaning of your domain name changes by combining the words.

Unique: When you are not ready to make your name as a domain name, at least make it unique to make it easy to remember. Amazon, Flipkart, and other big companies did the same. Taking enough time to select the domain is the unknown trick to many.

Order: people like things to be organized well and so the order is very important before finalizing your domain name. Sellshoesonline is good but how about shoesonlinesell? Isn’t it poor! People will laugh at your common sense.

Touching: World has a lot of emotional and sentimental people and they really love touching names. If you find an apt and touching domain name for your business, it will give you surprising results and it is the one way to connect with your customers personally and maintain a relationship with them without any communication.

Research: Never think it is a waste of time to make a deep research for your domain name as you don’t know how big it is going to be. Many brands do research for even months, do you believe it! So, spend enough time in research, it may give you unique ideas you never got till now.

Keywords: Can I use keywords in my domain name? This is a common doubt people are getting these days. Yes, why not! You can use your keyword but remember only it is related to your business or at least meaningful.

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