Tuesday 23 January 2018

Does One Page Website benefit you for SEO and Google Ranking purpose?

Singel page Website ans SEO

A lot of websites are now opting for one-page websites and for sure it looks very attractive and has got great graphics. Many people now know the importance of using mobile-friendly websites because most of the users use their Smartphone to view websites. When people choose one-page websites they look forward to it because it is attractive and neat but they also go for it because they are cheap. Now there are many pro and cons to it and after a lot of research, it indicates a false economy. It is been estimated that High Ranking Websites have more pages. 

High Ranking Website topping on Google Search Ranking...
With High Ranking Website, they have a lot of pages which gives them the capacity to put lots of keywords and you can explain in depth about your services or products. With One page Website, you are not giving an opportunity for your website to come forward in Google Search Ranking because the website doesn’t have sufficient keywords or content. By having a one-page website you are just crowding one place a lot so it doesn’t indicate every service or product uniqueness. For example, if you are offering total 10 service and all those services are different from each other and when people come to your website they are just fed with only one or two lines content. This way the customers have to search for it in other tab and someone else will grab your opportunity where it was actually mean for you.
One page Website is absolutely fantastic when it comes to graphics and looks. It is very good for people who are tight on a budget because it is cheap compared to the websites who have a lot of pages. It looks amazing on mobile devices so yes you will be gaining new users but not like the way you will be able to gain on Google Search Ranking basis. 

How can you exactly top the Google Search Ranking Page?
Now when you are thinking about for one-page website for building business and getting higher ranking on Google is not so easy compared to multiple pages website.
First, you should have a lot of contents on your website so that you have sufficient amount of keywords.
Second, your website should have multiple pages so that you can easily describe each service and product in depth.
Third, your content should be giving detail description of the product or service you are offering.
Forth, Blog is essential for your website because the blog itself can drive 3/4th of the visitors onto your website.
Fifth, Your Website should be attractive so it’s better you hire a web designer to design your website.

Sixth, when you are building a website for your business then your content or description about your service or product should be like as you are the industry leader. When you believe in yourself that you can provide 100 percent quality service then only people will buy your products. Your website is the place where you can brag a lot about your business but it should be legit bragging. Through your website, you should make people believe in yourself no matter what part of the world they are living in and to make it happen you should use video marketing, content development, testimonial video and much more as your strength to showcase people that you are the best in this specific business. 

When you have a one-page website you will not benefit much because you won’t have much space to deliver the detail description of your business. One page website is not at all good for SEO but if you are widely popular or you are some huge company then having a one-page website is not a big deal. 

How Can One-Page Websites benefit you?
For Pay per click campaign, a one-page website is a great option. When this page is separate from the main website then you can direct the paid traffic there and download it to a report which will come in use give some particular information or sell a service. When there is paid search then is against that so SEO is only for the main website for the main business.

When you are building a brand and business at just starting level then its better you avoid one-page website. It won’t help you for Search Engine Optimization and it won’t let you come first on Google Ranking Website.

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