Thursday, 19 July 2018

Tips on how to find backlink opportunities and quality links


BackLinks is still an essential factor of the SEO ranking in 2018 because it tells the search engine that your website is trustworthy and relevant. Now the quality of links is changed because now SEO is going forward to using more of natural links which will ultimately eradicate black hat tactics of link stuffing and link selling.  In this article you will be learning some tips and tactics on safe link building and how to find backlink opportunities and how to choose quality links. 

Tips for Building Backlinks:

Guest blogging:

Guest Blogging or Guest posting is a medium where can you post articles on websites that is other than your own website. So in this process, you are providing the blogger with a free valuable content according to their norms and in turn, they help you. So this way you can build your own personal brand and make a name in that particular domain. You can share your knowledge and also get a larger audience to read your post and visit your website or service through it. By doing this you will get a good amount of traffic to your website and you will also gain a quality link to your website. 

Now when you are doing a blog post, your main goal should be about delivering content to the audience and not stuff the whole content with links. Contents that are written only with this aim will never get a good recognition so when you are writing a post for the guest blog then make sure that the quality of the content should be first and not about the backlinks. 

How to do Guest Blogging?

If you want to find website or blogs that accept guest then First, you should look out for popular blogs and publications in your niche. When you click into such website or blogs you will find at the footer or on the header side of the page where it will be written write for us/ editorial guidelines. If you don’t find it then you can try searching in the Google search results by typing the name of the blog and type guidelines and write for us along with it. So blogs that have pages that accept guest posting then it such blogs will be listed at the top of the search results. Make sure that you read the guidelines and instructions carefully so that you don’t fail to keep up with their rules and regulations. You can then send the article to the editor and make the necessary edits and then wait for the publication. 

Google It:

You can easily find guest posting blogs in search engine by simply typing your niche and along with it, you can write for us. The Google search engine will give you a list of website that accepts guest posting.

Trending Content:

If you want more traffic, exposure, shares, and links then you can create content on your blog that is currently trending or viral. People love content that has infographics because without quality content and no pictures the content will look like a plain desert. So by sharing stats or infographic along with the content can make your blog gain hundreds of natural links. Create shareable content like ultimate guides, studies, infographics, evergreen content, roundups and evergreen content. People will share your content if they find it interesting and then link it to their own sites. You will be constantly receiving natural’s links without much effort. 

Influencer Marketing:

The influencer marketing is where the influencer gives a great exposure to your articles. This tactic is same as above where many people reach your post which gives you more chance of having more backlinks. 

Now you must be thinking why an influencer will share your post so the answer to this is that you both will be helping each other in some way. This is how you both will help each other; For example, you have written a unique article where it peaks the interest of the influencer or you can gather interesting stats that the influencer will be interested in. If the influencer love what you have written then he will share it on his social media platform and share it with others. So this way the influencer and you both benefit. 

Sharing content on Social Media:

You can also promote your content on various social media platforms such as Medium, Quora, Reddit, Linkedin publishing, Google+ and other relevant forums. When you are sharing your content you should also post the link that refers to your website where the article was originally published. So this way you not only get exposure but also get a lot of backlinks. 

Testimonials, Mentions, Interviews:

Creating author online presence

If you want your blog or website to get more traffic and exposures and also get some natural links then your golden ticket to get all this will be by making your blog into one of the leading publications. So to do that you have to create your own online presence and personal brand by being part of the professional community and show up to events that can give you great exposure. You will need to write valuable and unique articles on other external platforms so as to prove your professional skills. You can also give testimonials, interviews, and review of your product or services to create engagement. If you really want your blog or website to have that great exposure then you have to also give yourself the exposure. That is one way of leading traffic and links back to your website. When you create a brand then you also have followers that will keep a follow up with your website. Basically, you are engaging people to your website and this way more and more people will engage on your website. 

Interviews and testimonials

When you take interviews and testimonials from your customers then other people learn that you are trustworthy and that is how you build trust. When you build trust then you have people to buy your products, services and have an ever growing consistent engagement. Make sure to link your site when you share interviews or testimonials.

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