Friday, 13 July 2018

G Suite users can now build and easily deploy apps with the new Google's App Maker tool


Google’s App Developer lets you create business applications which is a low code application development environment that will make it easy to build a custom application to speeding up the workflows and make the process much simpler for the Team. 

The WYSIWYG environment is build so that the customers can build applications according to the business need with coding knowledge and it is cost-effective. Anyone who as a Business, Enterprise or Education G Suite subscription can build an application from the range of app maker tools and templates. 

G Suite App Maker tool is not a non-coding solution but a low coding solution that will highly benefit someone who is knowledgeable in this domain where they can easily deploy their application quick. Once you have created the application it can be stored in the G Suite, Google Cloud or you can also keep it local or in JDBC database with a REST API. 

The Google App Maker tool automates the process that in general, it slows down the application process. So the idea of automating most of the process will help you focus on the core part of the application development. Google said that G Suite App Maker helps you to allow the line of business teams to develop the application for the task that other apps don’t support. App Maker tool can help you resolve or modernize the process such as requesting purchase order or filling and resolving the help desk tickets where you have built the process yourself. 

With App Maker tool you can easily drag and drop UI design or templates and the declarative modeling makes it convenient for the IT developers to design apps that will empower your business. You can integrate your application with other third-party service or you can use the Apps script to access the Google Cloud Platform that will make your application function more powerful. With G Suite Administrator you gain full control over the overall functioning of the application as to who is using and how people are using the application and who has the permission to access the application. This provides the visibility over the overall functioning of the application. 

With G Suite App Maker tool you can build different types of application for the organization such as HR app, Accounting apps and much more. You can save cost and you also get the overall control over the applications and revamp the business.  

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