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Definitive guide on WordPress hosting for smooth running website

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The One Forth of the website in the world is been powered by the WordPress website that ranges from E-commerce website of small and large enterprises and personal blogs. This Content Management System and a source site builder are scalable, flexible and free to download and it can be used it on all kinds of hosting platform. WordPress hosting comes with affordable solution ranging from managed service and shared hosting solutions that empower the website with enhanced performance and added features. Now there are many hosting options but choosing the right hosting for the website will benefit by saving your time and money.

You can install WordPress on your website at just “one-click” on the hosting platform. The content management system is very user-friendly where a webmaster with little or no development or site design experience can still operate. You can easily edit the template provided by the WordPress and make changes according to the user's demands. There are WordPress hosting options available that will scale the website and adapt to the different demands of the WordPress websites. 

Shared Hosting:

Shared Hosting has always been an affordable option for WordPress website and it is been an always preferred choice for people who are tight in budget. On Shared hosting, many sites are hosted on the same server where all the resources and features are shared on a single platform with the user. The users get customer support and few additional features that help to keep the cost down. Shared Hosting also has its own shortcoming when it comes to scalability and the additional features that the user need to grow their website.

Hosting built especially for WordPress Website:

There are hosting providers that provide a separate hosting plan that is only designed for WordPress users. There are some hosting provider that only support WordPress hosting and none other. Such WordPress hosting is designed so to cater the unique demand and features and functions that WordPress websites require to run website smoothly and seamlessly. You will get features mainly comprising of security and development functionality that will make the website into a more scalable and flexible site build platform. Hosting Providers that offer WordPress hosting do provide representative that have the necessary experience and expertise to resolve the website issue and clear customer concerns and doubts. 

If the hosting provider offers WordPress hosting as one of the other many products or only support WordPress website hosting then such hosting package provide a wide range of features and the functions that are optimized for WordPress Security and Speed. Managed WordPress hosting plays a huge role in supporting the WordPress community. 

Shared Hosting Vs Managed Services 

When you are planning on choosing the right WordPress hosting plan for your website there are a lot of factors that you need to consider such as site size, purpose, budget and the companies long range of plans for the growth. But you should also see the level of customers support, performance and security they provide. As said in the earlier articles that it is better to call the hosting provider customer support and check how responsive they are and according to that you can choose the hosting provider for WordPress hosting.

Website Performance and Speed:

A website that loads quickly is favored well by Google Algorithms that helps in SEO Ranking and lower bounce rate. As there are many sites on a common server then there is a possibility for a website to slow down and may face disruption in the services when the neighboring site has increased traffic rate. So, in this case, the hosting provider can put forth some limits for example only 5000 monthly visits are allowed. The storage limit and the memory will be also low as the resources will be shared by all. 

WordPress hosting on especially Virtual Private Server eliminates all the limitation that is been lay down by the Shared hosting plans. It gives the website the flexibility and scalability to reach more visitors. WordPress hosting can handle an unlimited number of users and it maximizes the performance and speed of the website and it accommodates the growing needs and growth of the company. 


The security measures in the Shared Hosting plans to protect the security and individual sites on the shared servers. But the features in the shared hosting won’t protect all the risk that website may face from the shared technology that comes from the common server or the malware attacks.  Managed Hosting package offers enhanced site security measures that ensures regular upgrade and maintenance of the SiteLock features by the host. 

Customer Support:

You can’t guarantee that you won’t face any problem in the future regarding your hosting plans or the website performance or any security problems. So to ensure yourself from such issue that may arise in the future you need to make sure the hosting provider offers an excellent customer support. Before taking a hosting plan, call the customer support and get as many information you can get about their WordPress hosting plan. 

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