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Don't go for Free Website Hosting and Here's Why

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People who are planning to set up a website for the first time won’t have the entire idea about how the web hosting world works. There will be instances that they may come across a free website hosting option and in fact, there are many companies that offer free website hosting. But you must be thinking that why not all the companies are going for that because they will be saving tons of money. Here in this article, you will come know as to why free web hosting isn’t a good idea. “Nothing in this world is free” this is the most popular quote and it is also indeed very true.

In this article, you will eventually come to know that Free Web Hosting is not at all a good idea because you will find that free web hosting has a bunch of limitations enforced and it also has a lot of hidden costs. Many first timer web hosting buyers get tricked into such free offers but you can also get out of it anytime. This article will be the eye-opener for such individuals who are going through this. 

Free Web Hosting is not 100 percent free:

Web host who offer free web hosting service never offer all their services for free. You will experience a very limited version of the free web hosting offers. They will not provide you the whole package free and even though if they are then you will start noticing that you have to pay a whole lot of more for services after the trial period changes or in the need for any upgrade. There will be a time where you will be forced to upgrade to a paid service. Most of the free website hosting offers is set for a limited period of the time so you have to pay money as soon as the free period trial ends. If you have signed up for a free offer with your credit card then when the free trial gets over then the paid service will automatically get set up and you will be charged for that. 

Startups often fail into prey for choosing Free Web Hosting:

Now when you are thinking of free web hosting then the first thing that will pop in your mind is that how much cost you will be saving! But in fact, free web hosting is often considered expensive for anyone. Your website will be affected when it comes to slow load times, poor page appearance, the risk of website shutting down, outdated site building tools and much more. 

When free website hosting companies load hundreds of website on their server the website runs slow because of the overload on the server. This creates a poor ranking in the search engine which is very bad for your website and the growth of the company. You will also notice that there are a lot of unnecessary ads on your website that will make your website less user-friendly. There are chances for the website to be shut down frequently when the web host face some technical issue on their servers. 


Any website that is without SSL certificate is prone to face online threats such as hacking, malware, virus and etc. Free website hosting does not provide free SSL certificates so you will have to pay to get an SSL for your website. Hackers often try to find a website that does not have much security constraints and when they find such a website then they try to steal passwords, phone numbers, names, and data. 

You have to pay the money to get some good service:

When you are setting up an E-commerce website for your business then you will also want your website to be performing well. A Good Web Host will give you 24/7 support, 99.9% uptime, money back guarantee (optional), lower latency and quick loading time. 

With you don’t have to worry about the performance and functioning of the website and focus more on the business. is a leading provider of Internet and Mobile solutions, for individuals and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in India. 

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