Saturday 14 April 2018

Guide on How to do Guest blogging for Blog promotion and Referral links

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is one of the marketing trends in online marketing that helps in building links and gaining exposure. Guest blogging lets you create a long-term relationship with other bloggers which can be a great source to get legit referral links directed to your website. So in this article, you will be learning about targeted guest blogging techniques and how to look for guest blogging opportunities.

The first for targeted guest blogging you need to first look out for blogs that accept guest blog. 


Search Engine:

You can do a quick Google Search but don’t just type the keyword or the topic just coupled with the word ‘blog’. Make sure that you smartly do a keyword search. You can utilize the search engine operators that will help you find the exact things that you want instead just dodging through unwanted blogs. You can search for keys words such as write for us or write for me or you can also search for guest blog/post with your niche/keyword clubbed with it. 



Twitter also is a great place which can be used to look out for opportunities. Almost all of the bloggers are on twitters and they usually upload their tweet about their recent post. You can search for phrases like “write for us”, “blog for us”, “guest writer”, “guest blogger” and “guest post”. So by doing this, you can definitely find blogs that are open for a guest blog. Twitter can also be used to network with other bloggers by retweeting their post, replying to their post and build up some engagement before you reach out to them about the opportunity.

blogging software


Buzzstream or Buzzsumo is a blogger outreach tool that you can use it for influencing research and pitching. So with this, you will come to know where exactly the popular bloggers are and what exactly they are writing about and at the same time, you can also use an integrated email client and relationship manager so that to rationalize your efforts. There will be some blogs that will be hosting content from other bloggers but won’t have the submission section so that doesn’t mean that you have to avoid such websites. Instead look out for contact us section and send out your pitch via email.

guest blogging tips

Guest Blogging Pitches:

This is the most important element in guest blogging where you have to deliver a good quality pitch where you tell about your intentions and convince them to accept your guest blog. First, give them introduction about yourself and then proceed with your intentions and as to why your writing should be published. You should then insert a list of topic ideas that you have and why your pitch is relevant to your readers. A word of advice will be that is to keep the email short and sweet and not a two-page story because most of the editors don’t have time to read it and such emails don’t make it successfully. 

It is better to proofread your email before sending them because no matter how good your pitch will be but an email containing grammatical mistakes will be deleted. Your pitch will give an idea to the editor about your writing skills so just make sure that your content is perfect. You can use the email marketing tools to help you give a perfect pitch about your proposal. Don’t engage in bulk email campaign because that will just show that you are not interested in the publication of your post instead you just wanted a link out of your content. Your subject line should be eye-catching and not generic because that will make your pitch potentially engaging. 

Follow their writing Standards:

Now when you are writing your post for guest blogging material just make sure that you write your content according to their standards. There are some bloggers who will provide you some points relating as to how they want their content to be structured or some will just ask you how for your own opinions. The best thing you can do is to read some of their blogs/ post where you will get an idea of their needs and requirements. When you are writing your content include internal links to the site, invite readers to comment and format the post according to their specifications. 

Writer's bio

Writer’s Bio:

Most of the guest blogs won’t link your own blog into the text but there is an alternative method where you can get a referral link by creating an author bio. You can write about yourself in the bio and add a link over there so make sure that write it in the third person and give a brief background about the writer and inform the reader how the author can be a service to them. To make a perfect bio you have to keep your target audience in mind and by doing you will build up your fan base and create your credibility which will turn your post personal. Make sure that your bio is more engaging and actionable. 

Guest Blogging is indeed a great way of doing online marketing to increase customers and users into your business. If you used it correctly you will create a large number of fan base for your product or service that will ultimately leverage your business.

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