Friday 30 June 2017

8 Ways to Pick a Perfect Domain Name for Your Website.

Ways to select perfect domain name
Selecting the best domain name and choosing a perfect web hosting provider is mandatory for any business. Since the domain name is a representation of your company in the internet, and the web hosting provider needs to be approachable in case of emergencies, these two factors needs to be looked into thoroughly.
Easy Name
Registering the domain name that is easy to spell, understand, grasp and type is critical for a business to achieve success. Industry experts advise on the use of a short name, preferably with two words, from the marketing view point, or a maximum of nine characters. Examples – youtube, google and amazon. Just compare the name with the trending Social media platforms – it will be easy to type and share information.
Things To Avoid
You should avoid acronyms (as Sam DVD Services – domain name –, customers may get confused about your business interests. The domain name should provide information about your services or products.

Select a .com

The internet is around for twenty years and it is the most preferred and recognizable TLD. If the .com is unavailable, but you have a suitable name, the next option would be to go for the .net, and or the ccTLD. ccTLD will be .ca in Canada or .it in Italy (this option is useful only for domestic purposes).
Usage of numbers should be avoided as customers may forget numbers or confuse a numeral with spelling words. Another important feature is usage of hyphens and customer typing errors will lead to mayhem.
Similar Names
The best way to find a domain name for your business is to conduct a search on the internet for a similar type on the top 50, 100, 500 or 1000 websites. You will get several ideas on what successful websites have in common. Example –
Domain name research
Ensure the name you selected is not trademarked, under copyright by another company. It will result in a very big legal mess which will then snowball to cost a fortune and you will also lose the domain name. Mentioned below are some of the extensions of websites.
.co – the abbreviation for e-commerce, community and company
.info – education and informational site
.net – companies offering internet website services and technical sites
.org – non-profitable and non-commercial organizations
.biz – e-commerce websites for business or commercial use
.me – personal websites, resumes and blogs

Domain Name Generator

These generators will give you several different ideas. Some of the popular names are Wordoid, DomainHole, Name Mesh, Name Station and Domainr.

Purchase Similar Brand Names

In recent times, even small businesses are purchasing the likes of diverse domain extension and misspelled versions of your domain name. This will prevent competitors to register likable versions of your popular website. You will prevent the business going down, even if your loyal customer mistypes your domain name.

Best Domain Registration Company:

Take care not to register the domain name with any of the providers. Ensure you check the Domain registration company matches your website requirements. Kindly check the best web hosting provider India for registering the right domain name for your business.
In case you have opted for a suitable domain name, but it is already registered, you should never give up. Ensure you search if there is some other similar website name registered under it. You can contact the specified person to check if he can sell the domain name. You can also hire a consulting marketing firm to recommend names or give feedback.

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