Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Dedicated server or virtual private server? Know the important differences.

Dedicated hosting or VPS hosting
Choosing the best web hosting company in India is extremely important for your website as without a correct host your website is not going to work properly. Cloud computing has created the latest buzz in the world of internet. Individual or a small scale business to a business giant everyone is trying to cut costs due to extreme competition and pressure in the market. In this scenario, a virtual private server which is also recognised as cloud server is gaining much popularity in the market for its cost effectiveness and other valuable services.
While choosing the best web host, the World Wide Web or the internet provides a few options at your disposal. And the most common hosting plans among them are dedicated server and virtual private server or VPS. Today we are going discuss the basic and the most interesting differences between a dedicated server and a virtual private server so that you can choose the best  one according to your preferences.
Get introduced with virtual private server or VPS
Think of a computer which is accessed by many different users and each and every time the machine is used in different ways. VPS works exactly in the same way and performs like a dedicated server. It’s a wonderful machine which is located in a shared environment and through the root access of it all the customers can get the full control of that server on VPS Hosting Service. So in short, if you have VPS access, you can easily run any customized applications or software related to your business. It is basically designed for small scale businesses who want to optimize their IT infrastructure without investing bigger amounts.
VPS cost usually ranges from 1000 per month to 10000 per month and it provides the options of one or two hosting environments among which you can choose according to your choice. VPS is known for
·       Excellent performance of a website
·       much faster loading
So it is the perfect solution for those who want root access on a server without expending as much as a dedicated server.
It’s time to know more about dedicated server
Unlike the virtual private server, a dedicated server is fully accessed for your own personal or professional use. So if you choose a dedicated server you will be the only owner who will have only right to all the resources. You can even customize the hosting environment according to your preferences. A dedicated server hosting is exceptionally designed for those who receives minimum five lakh visitors per month and who have the obligatory technical support to maintain it.
We all required different things so at first, you need to stock your requirements and then go for the best one accordingly. Here we are providing the basic differences between them so that you can easily choose according to your need.
 Distinction between dedicated server and virtual private server
·       People generally choose VPS for its cost effectiveness. You need to rent or buy a dedicated server and also you have to spend an amount for its management and maintenance. These servers are generally seen at Data centers with collocation facilities. A dedicated server is capable of providing HVAC systems and superfluous power sources. It has already been informed that it is owned by an individual provider so sometimes you can get support for your system or application by them. So you can go for both managed or an unmanaged dedicated server according to your preferences.
·       Through a VPS server, you can pay as much as you use. And as you pay on a monthly basis you can be completely assured that you are not paying anything extra for your host server. On the other hand, a dedicated server is a bit more expensive than VPS.
·       You can increase or decrease your resources with VPS. For an example, if you see that your website is getting a heavy traffic you can increase the server specifications.
So now you can easily understand the importance of a web hosting server. Before choosing three important things you should keep in your mind
·       Your business goal
·       Your future strategies
·       And obviously your current requirement
Then only you can achieve the growing demand and also your users can get the best experience out of it.

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