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The Relation Between Domain Name and Digital Marketing

impact of domain registration in digital marketing
A domain name is a very fast foundation a business taking in the online cosmos. Taking business to the internet and do need full (Digital marketing) is the another step which reflects on your effort and skill. If you back to 2012 or 2010 you may find very few businesses are in online and competition level was negligible comparing now. Digital marketing or online marketing was a rear word for that time but now this one of the most using words in the business world as the world is getting smarter and people are getting digitalised.

Now, what if you have a domain for your business?
You can read this blog and find out how good was your domain for your business and what need to be improved.
Note- Domain can’t be changed but we can help you to create proper URL structure and sub-domain to be good in digital marketing.

If you are a start-up or new to a business and want to take your business to your dream destination with the help of digital marketing than stay tuned and grab a cup of tea, you will enjoy this blog and funds valuable for your business.
Let’s bring it on!!!

If you still wondering what is domain and what is its uses in your business you must read our previous blog "Importanceof Domain Name and why should you register a domain"
Domain will be the first and important element for every business or brand. Now how digital marketing impacted by domain name is still not cleared right?
Before that, I will explain how digital marketing works in short.
Digital marketing is an organic(Free) and paid marketing process where your online presence will stronger in such a way that it will get higher value, rank and importance which leads your business.

Select Domain Name memorable and cache:

In the begging, we had explained how your domain name will lead your online presence and brand. Your domain name must have related to your business, sounds good and unique it may not be important that your primary keyword should be in your domain name. If your Primary business keyword is there in your domain, it will give you additional benefit in google SERP (Search Engine Result Page).
A cache and memorable domain will give you the additional advantage of brand building with a modest online reputation. Always remember a brand-able domain name is better than keyword contains domain.

Increase CTR with domain:

In a recent study, it had been found that having a business keyword on domain significantly give more SERP and top ranking.  Getting organic traffic from any search engine is the best and quality traffic. Sometimes having a primary keyword in the domain can own more CTR (Click Through Rate), Such as Movers and Packers Service business, transport and hotel industries.
Let take an example of web hosting:
web hosting company in google search result

In this search result, the top one is google AdWords and remaining are the organic result. I had made few red circle for the word hosting. These all companies are very good and Reputed hosting company in India. They have included the word hosting in their domain. So that google can give him a good rank as well as it will describe their nature of business. Overall they are getting benefited in digital marketing.

If you are a newcomer to the online industries than it would be recommendable to read and get more information about online marketing terms such as CTR, SERP, crawling, page rank, indexing, sub-domain, domain authority, keyword density and related to that.

A short domain is awesome:

Usually, all most all Domain name service providers allow you to register a domain with 3 characters and for two characters you have to go through some special approval (Better can be explained by Domain register). Having a small domain name with business niche eventually help you build your brand online with the best result in referring marketing. A big example of olx.com. it is easy to remember and as it is short so easy to type.

Tips to choose a great domain and start your business or brand.

Choosing a great domain may be hard but very important. The most challenging part is when you find a good domain mane it may be taken by someone. In order to get a right domain, you can take help from your team consultant and sometimes think out of the box.
If you are coming to any situation where someone has already purchase the domain you can add your business location or targeted location to grab the domain.
You can use the numeric number in your domain, but be careful while selecting a domain name with a numeric number.
Use some keyword variation such as combine of two words or synonyms of your primary keyword in a smart way for a great domain.
Hopefully, this upper information will help you to choose a better domain name which helps you to boost your digital marketing.
Happy Business!

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