Monday, 18 January 2016

Important Question You Must Ask Before Web Hosting.

So if you are ready to take your business online, then you may need some basic web development element, such as Domain Name Registration, website, and Web Hosting. Web hosting selection always a crucial timing and important decision. Whenever we were asked by the question like how to choose a good web hosting service we were always afraid to give the answer as it is not a single line answer and there is no thumb rule to select a great host. In this blog, we are going to discuss some question you must ask to yourself and to your hosting provider before you stick for a bond.

Question must ask before web hostingA Clear estimate of your web hosting requirement:

If you are not new to the market and you have previous web hosting experience, then you must aware of your new host requirement. But fresher should find the bellow requirement before going for a hosting plan.

  • How you are going to develop the website. Are you going to use any CMS like Wordpress, Drupal or any other platform or any other programming language such as HTML, PHP or ASP.NET?
  • What would be your page size you are creation of your new website.
  • How much content and what type of content you are going to use, such as text, image, video, flash, audio and PDF.
  • Your website will be static or dynamic.
  • What will be your visitor number per month and what can be the future?
  • What is your major geographically targeting audience or you are targeting worldwide customer.
  • Does your site need additional server space to keep more files to download by visitors?
  • Are you looking for some advanced add-on feature to make your website more attractive?
  • Would your business need some additional hosting features such as email hosting, SSL(Secure Socket Layer), regular backups, fully managed control panel and different IP address.
  • Do you want your website to load faster or slow loading time will also fine for you?
  • Do you want fully managed control panel or partial control panel can fulfill your need?
  • Are you looking for a secure hosting plan with a fully secure guarantee and SSL Certification?
  • Looking for 24x7x365 technical support with different connecting facilities such as email, phone and Live Chat.
  • What about money back guarantee, if you are not happy with your hoster.

Few question you must ask your web host:

If you have completed with your website requirement, then its time to know the basic question you must ask your web hosting service provider before you sing-up for a plan. It is always a good idea to ask your quarries and cross question a service provider, which can give a basic knowledge about service and the company also.
  • Don’t ask directly which plan is best for your website.
  • Ask in a diplomatic method such as which hosting plan will be good for Wordpress with 1000 visitors.
  • Ask how can they help you whenever you seek for technical help.
  • Inform your website requirement and ask for host suggestion with reason.
  • Advantage and disadvantage of their hosting service. Remember every company has some disadvantage and if the company is good, then they must inform something about their disadvantage.
  • You can ask about price concession or discount coupon code.
  • Ask some formulated question you had Seeking previously for some device.
With all the above taken into account, you need some more feature excepted from your hosting company. If you are looking for more technical details about hosting plan details you can read our previous blog to get some more technical knowledge.

However, in the below line, we are describing some general feature, you must found from your new hoster.
  • What kind of host you are getting for your website, such as shared hosting, VPS hosting or Dedicated Hosting.
  • Is your host, allowing you to upgrade your plan at any point of time if it's needed.
  • Featured reach the host with add-on facility.
  • User-friendly control panel, easy to install software and one-click set-up facility.
  • Server shroud is located in your targeted geographical user.
  • All language support and database support compatibility.
  • Money back guarantees.
  • Check online reputation and user review of your new web host.

Choosing a web hosting is obviously a complex task, but following the above thump rule can make it simple. Having a hassle-free Web Hosting can keep you safe from lots of emergency trouble, save time and money and obviously from a headache.

Happy Hosting.

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