Thursday, 23 November 2017

5 Essential Tips to find and select SEO-friendly Domain Name in India.

A Website should be comprised of many attributes but the Domain Name is the main factor. While keeping a domain name you should first give the due importance to SEO so that it improves the website’s search engine ranking. If you keep an improper domain name which doesn’t relate to the website it will give a wrong impact on your website or blog for a long run. There are many who keep their personal name as their domain name which is not recommended but it's an exception if you are a celebrity or a well-known person. 

Now I understand that there are many domain names that are already taken but there is an option of buying a domain name where you may have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars if you want to.

While selecting a domain name you should go for .com domain extension because it is good for SEO and branding but if you want your website to target more of Indian Traffic then you should go for .in domain extension. For example, is easy to remember and easy to pronounce but if you keep a name like then people won’t take your website seriously so you should choose a domain name which relates to your website and should be an appropriate domain name. 
The following are tips and advice for choosing an SEO friendly domain for your website:-

Original yet Unique:-

You have to be super creative while choosing the name for your blog because it’s the first thing your viewers or your audience see so it should resemble your website, it should be easy to pronounce, easy to remember, catchy name and many more. When your domain name itself is creating a buzz and attracting viewers then you have done a wonderful job. You need to keep your viewers coming back again to your website or blog so the domain should be in such a way that it is memorable.

Short and Crisp:-

A long domain name will bore your potential viewers or they might forget the second they read the domain name. Make sure that the domain name is simple and short by targeting to keep the domain up to 10 characters which will ultimately make it easy to remember, understand and convenient to type.

Hyphens not allowed:-

A domain name that includes Hyphen is expected not to be an SEO friendly name. The Domain Name that includes a Hyphen is supposedly observed to be spam website because they are available at low prices. But even though it is difficult to type a name with punctuation marks and it is also more difficult to remember a domain name with hyphens. So it is better that you avoid using hyphens in the domain name because that will affect the website traffic rate.


If you are focusing more on SEO then you should use your brand name for your domain name. There are many who avoid using their brand name which adversely affects your website SEO. Whatever service or product you will be rendering will be according to your brand so selling stuff on your website with your brand name will be added advantage for your business and also for SEO purpose. If you do this then your domain name will be your marketing component. A brand name often derives uniqueness and its own identity thus when you put your brand name as your domain name then you will be creating an active user followers.

Website extension:-

As discussed earlier that choosing a .com extension is recommended because it is global and it is most common extension used thus it makes it easily recognizable by the users. But if your website traffic target is limited to the specific countries then you should use extension according to the country domain level. In India, the domain name extension most commonly used is .in.


Jason L Bauman, SEO Associate at Trinity Insight said that the best option is to select a company branded domain is to determine the targeted keywords that will be suitable to the service or the industry you are into. Ubersuggest is a tool that can be used to look for suitable terms from your industry that will give you an idea to keep the domain name. 

Search Engine Optimization is often used gaining traffic from the targeted users so when your website name is not visible to the preferred audience then it is a waste of the Internet space. Therefore, it is very essential to keep a name that is SEO friendly so that it fulfills the aim and goals that your website targets.

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