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5 Tips to choose the best domain name that will work excellently.

A Lot of People are on a quest to find the perfect domain for their website and it is, in fact a tricky process because selecting a domain name for the website is like selecting a name for your business.
You can’t start the website without a name for your domain but the website will be like a person with no identity thus it is very important to have a domain name. Choosing a domain name shouldn’t be that difficult and I will assure that you will find a name for in an hour by reading this article.
Why choosing the right domain name is important for your business website?
There are many who must be thinking now that why it is so important to choose a Domain name. Well, when people choose a name for their business or company they make sure that the name for their business or company should resemble to what service or product they want to sell. It is the same thing for the website because your website should resemble to what idea you have and what service or product you providing.
Domain Name is the very first thing that the audience will be interacting with your blog / website, Business or the brand and the domain name is a part of your brand which plays a very big role.
There are many domain names that give a positive and negative impact for e.g. sounds more like a spam website and on the other hand sounds like a trustworthy website. So it is very essential that you choose a website that shouldn’t sound off and should be crisp and unique.
The top characteristics you should have in your Domain Name:-
1.   As said earlier that your Domain should resemble the service, product or any particular niche you are working on. For e.g. A website selling garment has a domain name as which doesn’t at all makes sense to what the nature of the business is and it will also attract the wrong audience and thus let the business go in loss.

2.  The most important thing is to keep a domain short and crisp because keeping a domain name that consists more than 3 words will make it very hard to remember the name of the website. For e.g. If a website name would be, I am sure that many would label it as big boring website but if you make it short and keep it to then it would very easy to remember.

3.    The name of the domain that you choose should be catchy and easy to spell. There are so many websites who have kept difficult words that many people forget it easily thus the words should be attractive and catchy. Don’t include too much of hyphen and dashes or words because that will just increase the chances of the website traffic rate going down.

4.    Make sure that the website name that you will be keeping should resemble what business, service or niche you carrying out because a domain name can describe the nature of the website. The website name shouldn’t create confusion or a misunderstanding.

If you ask an SEO expert then he/she will tell you to opt for .com domain saying that Google domains which will ultimately end up showing more in the search engine results and Yes! That sounds logic. The reason behind this is that .com is a top-leveldomain where the Google can easily recognize it and can rank results higher than the other websites domain name. But contradicting to this Matt Cutts, Head of the web spam team at Google explained that is not at all true; .com is better than other because it is convenient to remember the domain name.  

Let’s learn some Easy tips in choosing a Perfect domain name:-

I will be showing you some very simple steps that will help you in choosing the domain name that will work for you best!

1.    Brainstorming:-

Open a pen and book and start writing all the words that comes up to your mind even though if you hate the words that are coming up in your own mind right now. This will help you with varieties of the option to choose from and understand that which word is better suited for your website domain name.

2.    Thesaurus:-

Now as you have a list of names down on your list; you can start finding synonyms that will provide you the better word suited the nature of your website. You can use to easily find various synonyms and even though if you are going on a word spree.

3.    Domain name Software generator:-

There are a lot of software’s in the market that can help you with finding domain name if you are finding hard to do this task by yourself. Panabee is the best tool that can help you find a domain name and different ideas associated with the domain name. You can write the domain name that you like.

4.    Narrow down the search:-

As you must be having a list of domain names with you, you can choose certain domain names that associate with your business website. Eradicate all those names that are hard to pronounce and also the domain names that are more than three words.

5.    Availability of Domain Names:-

As you have some domain name with you, now is the time to see if those domain names are available or no! You can use Domain Search to see whether these domain names that you have are available. As word of advice, the domain names that consist of 1 or 2 words in the .com are premium domains so that will cost you a lot. In this condition, you can also consider .net or .org instead of a .com which will work best for you. There is one more note that you should keep in mind that it is recommended that you buy a domain with the host.

I am sure that you must be having a domain name now with you so now set up the website with the domain name and kick start your business.

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