Friday, 17 October 2014

Registering all variations of your domain name is Important,Why?

Domain name is the internet identity for any business owner.
Every domain name carries a significant value to the business and to its customers. As the trend is changing, and more and more people are becoming aware of the Google search, a large number of people type in Google for the result, Instead of typing the URL.
If you are confused on choosing the best name for your business, read the previous article here:
If you are past that stage and now you have a dilemma in deciding domain name variations are necessary or not? If yes, to what extent?
Losing customer traffic for business websites is a big issue, it happens often if businesses do not take preventive measures to avoid customers getting lost, registering multiple version of your domain name is like booking a shop in your name at every adjacent street, your customers may get lost but they will reach to you eventually.
Several domain name variations are Not necessary but it is a good idea to hold subscription on all extensions for efficient SEO on a website. SO, We at suggest in favor of it.
You should at least consider the popular misspellings for your domain name.
That is why businesses top domain priority to get registered with .com at the end of their name, Even if customers get lost .com works as the anchor to bring them back.  if .com is not available for the moment, do wait for it and leave no opportunity in making it your domain extension.
As we know, the domain name is a digital identity, so it is expected to have several variations. You might be thinking what sort of variations?
If I have a domain name of, and I know that users may mostly miss spell it as or,, also the numbers,, it's in businesses best interest to register all the miss spells. Otherwise, a close competitor of yours may register it and make the profit from the diverted traffic.
and worst case can be that the misspelled variation is not registered with anyone and your customer may think that your site remains down most of the time.
We all well aware of the great fortune making company, They struggled to get their actual domain name, they could not get their brand name so misspelled it, and then got the actual name registered later.
Registering different domain name costs you approx. 250 to 500 RS, its between 20 to 40 Rs. a month. It's a great deal to invest one or two bucks more than regretting it afterward.
It is advised to register with the domain names .org and .net also, as these are again pretty popular. If you do not get .com at once, you must definitely register with .net or .org for being at safe side.
Whenever you get new domain your provider automatically setups the domain 301 redirect, it points to your main website address from a different domain name. So the end of the day your content remains unique and your customer also does not get lost. has the large range of domain names available for registration, the domain locking and privacy policies are the added bonus for every client.
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