Thursday, 12 October 2017

Explore Top 8 tips for a beginning website which can improve the website performance to increase sale.

Tips to grow your business
Many people wonder why they aren’t getting any customers on their website and try various solutions to increase their traffic and sales. A lot of people invest a lot of time and efforts in creating a website for their business but often fail in achieving the target that they set to reach.
There are many aspects to increase the traffic and sales but the wisest thing will be to identify the core problem and start working on that so that your plan goes for a long run instead of failing in short period. Don’t worry if you are facing problems pertaining to your website because it is common for any beginner to face these problems.
Now let’s learn on how to rightly web host your business that will, in turn, increase your sales and traffic to your website.

1. Title and description should be Catchy:-
If your website traffic source is search engines than make your title and meta description meaningful and catchy. When anyone searches something on a search engine and your website is in SERP than your 70 characters tittle and 160characters will decide whether that user should click on your website or not!
People when they show the website they read the content depending on how attractive the title and description is, therefore, the title should be short and crisp, fresh and unique. Once you master the art of title creation your article will become much more interesting which will grab the visitor’s attention.

2. Rich Website for better user Experience:-
The first impression is the last impression” once a user fall on your website the look and content richness will keep the visitor engaged with the website. Your page has the ability to explain your website so does the customer needs. Having colorful and worse UI can’t keep your user happy. Minimalistic design with better UI is always a good option for any website.
Keeping a sitemap on the landing page will give the easy surfing option to the user. If you have a one-page website or very few no of pages then the sitemap is not required. Easy navigation with help of graphics always keeps the user busy on your website.

Fast Loading page3. Website should be Fast:-
According to research, it is been observed that there is 11% decrease in traffic when the website takes a long time to load. The website should be optimised in size and page structure so that it doesn't take a long time to load. Often when there are large file size images, videos and plugins can lead to delay in loading of your site.
You can compress your files and complicated script with the help of zipping such as G-zip. The best option to check your page speed is Google pagespeed insights tool. It will suggest you the solution and possible optimisaion to make your page load faster.

Social Media4. Social Media Platform:-
Social Media is a blessing for many business modules because it has made the website and the content easily available for the people. Just because you have created a content that doesn't mean people are bound to find it thus sharing it on the social media will offer a higher chance of people finding out more about your website.
This free platforms will make your business more visible and reachable. Use social media platform to be social with your user not to sale them. Posting useful information with the update will help your business to reach more audience in free. Providing offers and deals on your product can be viral by social media only.

5. Blogging / Video / Guest Blogging:-
Blogging is coming under social media platform only. Writing and posting a blog in the prospect of a user will help a user to understand your business better. You can educate a user about your product or service only with the help of blog or Video.
A video will provide more information in a short period of time, so you can create and share more informative video on video sharing sites such as YouTube and Dailymotion. You can also share PDF file and infographics also.
Guest blogging is another best way to increase the speed of your traffic and sales but nowadays the Guest blogging reputation has gone down because of the spammy tactics writers pull off on the guest blog. Therefore, carefully structure your content so that you don't have to face stiff penalties.

6. SEO:-
SEO will help you effectively boost traffic to your websites which is a worthwhile practice. Many People practice SEO for their content because it helps boost the organic traffic. The considering point is SEO will give you tons of free and convertible traffic every day. SEO is a time taking process but following proper SEO strategy help you to rank on the top page.
Just don't rely on websites linking you back but instead create interlink that is useful in SEO but it will also help you creating traffic to your site and ultimately it will also generate sales for you.

Doing black SEO without following webmaster guideline may threw your site back in search engine result page. You can read our previous blogs for an effective SEO blueprint-

7. Advertise:-
Well, Social Media Marketing, Display Advertising and Paid Search are the best ways of increasing more visitors to your website and getting the site in front of the people. But is chargeable, so keep this option for last, but if you have a good budget and you want instant business pickups than go ahead with paid advertising and kick start your business form the very first day of your website launching.
Make proper strategies according to your goals so that you spending your money in paid search works perfectly work for you. As your investing funds to get traffic for lead or sales make sure you are getting the right traffic and you are reaching the right audience. Invest some time and do so RND about your paid traffic to avoid fraud click and unsound traffic.

8. Other sources:-
Referral Traffic:- Your Content should be rich and unique so that you don't have to woo people to link back to you but instead create a great quality content that the other websites should be eager to get linked.
Comment a way of engaging with people:- Engaging with people will increase the brand image which in turn will put you out there by getting more recognized amongst people. This will ultimately increase the traffic to your website. But you should be careful about one thing is that you shouldn't comment any spam link or unrelated website which might increase the chances for your website to be blocked.
Email Marketing:- This might be a traditional mode of creating traffic but it is one of the most effective ways of creating sales and traffic to your website. But make sure that you don't send unnecessary daily emails to the customers which might put you in the spam list.

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