Wednesday, 1 November 2017

The New Updated version of Google Calendar has got a new make-over and is more efficient to use.

Google Calendar has got a new make-over and many more features are introduced. In 2014, Google had announced new design language called Material Design that helps in bringing out the perfect balance in design and also same with the user experience on Web, Desktop, and Mobile.
As Google Calendar was offering great tools to carry out the work but at the same time, there were some areas where it needed improvement. Over three years now, Google is trying to slowly introduce new features and update services and products with cleaner interfaces. Now Google Calendar looks more modern and works perfectly on the mobile app.
Let’s see what features are added by Google that will make your work more efficient:-
  • First, visit the Google Calendar after the page loads you notice a button at the top right corner between the more and Agenda button. Click on the button that says Use new Calendar. By doing this you will get the Material Design Version of the Google Calendar. But if you can’t see the button then this link will help you on how to forcefully make the button appear. 
  • Now you will be on the updated version of the calendar and if you don’t like the new design then you can try customizing the design and theme. Tap on the Settings Cog in the top right corner of the screen and click Density and color.  Under Information Density, select the compact and under Colour set select Classic which will bring you to the older design or you can simply tap on Back to classic Calendar.
  • The GSuite Admin can now add details about the office’s conference rooms with details on the location of the conference room also as to know how many people can fit in the room and the available tech. You can also see the specifics while booking the room which will make it convenient to know which one is right. With this latest release, the contact info for other people attending the meeting can be viewed by simply navigating the mouse toward someone’s name.

  • You can see multiple schedules side by side when you want to know when everyone is available. Earlier it was showcased on one tab which made it look jumbled up and messy. You can also get a side-by-side view by just checking the box next to the other staffer’s name on the left-hand toolbar.
  • Links can now be added to spreadsheets, documents, and presentation with an invite. There will be no need to email separately the links which will ultimately make it convenient to keep everything in one place.

Not many changes are done to the new updated version of Google Calendar but it was all necessary because it will help users to be organized. Now the users can easily organize their calendars without any mess that use to be created with the earlier version.

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