Friday 13 April 2018

Definitive Guide to Managed and Unmanaged Word press Hosting

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Have you ever wondered that the level of difference between Managed and Unmanaged Word press hosting! The advantage of the managed hosting is not clearly understood well in general terms so in this article you will get the basic knowledge about managed and Unmanaged word press hosting and understand the advantages clearly. Managed hosting plans delivers more feature than the Unmanaged hosting plans undoubtedly which will ultimately make your work get easily done.

Managed hosting may not be on the checklist of must have but it is really a great choice for your website. If your website is doing really good and needs the power to serve more users then it is better to have a managed word press hosting.

Unmanaged Word press hosting:-

Not all the websites owners have the budget to just go for anything they come across so for them Unmanaged word press hosting is a great option. Now you must be thinking unmanaged word press hosting is a negative term but in fact, it isn’t. You will come across many websites that are unmanaged so such website's owner have the full control over their own website so that they can maintain their word press website security and optimize their performance. It may look like a lot of work but it is just a standard task involved in running day to day activities on the website.


You can stick with your regular hosting plans where you don’t have to spend a lot of money with the fact that you are ready to manage your own website. There are many website owners who go for unmanaged word press hosting because it is cheap and you get the full control over the website.


When you opt for Managed hosting plans you are restricted for how you are utilizing your server so that the web host can keep everything in balance. If you already know how to run a website then choosing managed host plans will be very annoying because you won’t have the control and freedom to optimize your website.

Access to Control-panel:

With unmanaged WordPress hosting, you will gain control over the c-panel but it won’t be the same with the Managed word press hosting.
When you have an unmanaged hosting you will have more control over the operations over your website and it is cheap compared to managed hosting. But at the same time, you will need to put more efforts when it comes to managing the website and optimizing loading time, backups and much more. If you have already worked on a website before then it will be little tricky for you to use managed hosting plans.

Managed Word press Hosting:-

Managed Word press hosting will take care of your website by making sure that everything is working smoothly. It is more of a luxury service where the hosting provider will take care of all the extra work. If you don’t have time to carry out the website operations then its better if you go for managed word press hosting.  Shared tiers, Dedicated Servers and Virtual Private Server’s are some of the services are offered by the hosting providers for managed Word Press hosting.

Less Maintenance:

Managed hosting plans manages automated backups, constant security scanning, word press updates and so on so basically there will be less maintenance required from your side.

Pay more attention to content creation:

You can focus more on creating more contents for your website and focus on the online marketing which will help you gain more visitors to your website.

Word press Experts:

You can get support staff provided by your Managed Wordpress hosting services that can help you with the technical part of your website.

Extra Features:

There are some web hosts who provide extra services such as extra discount or bonuses or special security features or free access to some premium themes and plugins.

Web Hosting Tips

No doubt Managed hosting plans will be expensive for people who are just starting out but also it won’t cut a hole in your pocket. You will not get the full control over your website if you want to tweak your website performance or optimization according to your needs. Managed word press hosting will take care of your website operations but if you are technically savvy then you won’t have much freedom and you will be restricted from making any customization or changes.

If you have an E-commerce website then Managed hosting will be a great option for you because then you can focus on your product improvisation and marketing. Managed Hosting is considered to be a smart investment on your website only on some circumstances.

Well, on the other hand, unmanaged word press hosting can be a good option for people who are on tight budget. Even though if you are not on the tight budget but you have prior knowledge or experience working with the website then you can still stick with the unmanaged hosting plan because there are some who will find managed hosting annoying. Technical savvy wants to have complete control over their website so that they can have the power to tweak stuff on their website according to their needs so managed hosting doesn’t provide the freedom to do so whereas unmanaged hosting offers complete freedom. So I hope that you make the right choice by choosing the right hosting for your website depending on the situation and circumstances.  If you have any questions or any doubt about web hosting then feel free to drop by the comments section. offers best services in managed web hosting where you will find the services  that will cater to your needs and requirements of your website.

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