Wednesday 7 February 2018

G Suite is coming up in the business productively with 4 million paying customers.

G Suite has now 4 million paying customers where the Google’s Cloud Business is already raking in billions of dollars per quarter. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai said had revealed the excellence of the G Suite and Google Cloud Business at the conference call while making the Alphabet’s earnings announcement. The Google’s Cloud Business includes the G Suite productivity applications and Goole Cloud Platform which is a rival to the Microsoft’s Cloud-based Office 365.

Sundar Pichai noted that the Google Cloud has now reached a great scale where they are excited to share that they are earning billion dollars per quarter business. Google Cloud Platform is also exponentially growing as the public cloud provider across the world. G Suite is succeeding well and the data itself proves where G Suite 4 million paying customers are doubled in the past two years which represent a steady efficient growth.
G Suite Applications is indeed helping everyone globally with their day to day activities with different kinds of office applications delivered with excellent designs and features. Generally, people are very convenient in using the Microsoft Office so G Suite has smartly designed their office applications that will provide flexibility and convenience in operating the G Suite Applications. Most of the G Suite Applications are free but there are some of the applications that you may have to pay a subscription fee. The greatest advantage that is provided by the G Suite Applications is that it is remote so you can view the application and share it with the other team members.

It is not surprising that we are witnessing G Suite doing well in the coming years because of the excellent services that they are providing to power up the work with simple tools. G Suite Application provides Google Calendar, Google Drive, Hangouts, Gmail, Forms, Docs, Slides, Sheets and Site for Collaboration. G Suite provides powerful security protocols where the G Suite users will be not seeing any advertisements compared to the other free services provided by the other providers. The user's data and information won’t be used for the Advertisement purposes so this shows that G Suite will not compromise Users Security. Google has also introduced the collaboration of the digital interactive Whiteboard Jam board. With all these cool features provided by the G Suite, it is expected that G Suite will be dominating the market side by side with Microsoft relating with the Office tools and Cloud Platform.

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