Wednesday 18 April 2018

How to recognize the right time to upgrade your hosting plan?

Most of the people who are tight on a budget generally adopt shared hosting plan at the initial stage. Well, if your website is performing well then you will need to upgrade to something better so that you can provide optimum service to your customers. But the twist here is that to figure out when is the best time to make a switch. If you upgrade it too early then you will be wasting money and if you upgrade it too late then the performance of the website will suffer which will then affect the reputation. Hosting Plan with better features will cost you more so it’s better that you make the right decision at the right time so that you don’t suffer a loss. 

Worry not; identifying the right time to upgrade your website is not that hard as you think.

Slow-Loading time:-
It is been observed that websites that take more than 2 seconds falls into slow performing website category. There are website tools where you can analyze your website performance such as Pingdom Tool. A website that takes more than 2 seconds to load then such website bounce rate are supposedly increasingly high which is not a good thing. If your website is poorly optimized where the images are not properly uncompressed and not using the caching solution then this can be one of the reasons for your website to load at slow speed. But even though if your website is optimized but still it is loading slow then your hosting provider might be the reason for provisioning poor performance. It may be that you are using the service that doesn’t provide optimum speed or you must have outgrown the hosting plan.

If you have a basic hosting plan then after sometime when your website will be getting increased traffic then your website won’t be able to handle the increased workload. As the server needs to fulfill multiple requests at the same time the website will take longer time to load which will ultimately affect the visitor’s experience.

First, check how much traffic your hosting plan can handle because there are some of the hosting providers who provide information as to how much traffic will be supported according to the hosting plan. Contact your support team once the basic hosting plan wears out so that you can upgrade to an enhanced hosting plan. You need to also keep an eye on your traffic to see how much traffic your hosting plan is able to handle so you to analyze all this information you can use Google Analytics to help you better in finding the flaws.

Better Features and Functions:-
Now if your hosting provider is not at fault and if your website is optimized properly then your website requires an upgrade to the hosting plan that offers more features and options. The most expensive hosting plans offer better features but there are also web host providers that offer better features at a reasonable rate. When you opt for a Right and expensive hosting provider then your website will be able to handle more traffic and you will also be able to unlock many exciting features.

Regular Backup solution:
If your website provider offers this plan then you are at a bonus because you will be future proofing your website against any error or issue that may arise later.

Full control over the server:
Shared Hosting doesn’t provide much flexibility so you won’t be able to customize the settings according to your requirements but if you are a system administrator or a developer then you will get full control over the server.

Multiple website Support:
There are host providers that provision web host plans for only one website but if you go for the expensive hosting plan then you can use more than one website with a single server.

Content Delivery System:
Use the Content Delivery System to remove some workload over the servers so basically it will optimize your website and overall server performance.

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